The Importance of SSL and HTTPS Security for Online Business Website!

The importance of website security is indisputable, especially in the 21st century, when the global population massively depends on the internet for everyday purposes. Be it banking, DMV transactions, filing taxes or shopping, communication or entertainment, the customers demand all their information be kept confidential and secure. 

The global data report states that approximately 4.66 billion people use the internet daily, which constitutes almost 60% of the world’s population. In the year 2020, almost 321 million new users joined the internet. 

This implies how colossal amounts of data are being shared and exchanged everydaythrough different online mediums. Moreover, websites are not immune to cyber-attacks and data theft. 

Hence, ensuring strong security should be a precedent task for all. The HTTP and SSL Web Securityhelp you achieve that by bringing strong tactics and strategies for the users so that their data privacy is never compromised.

What is SSL? 

This is also known as the Secure Sockets layer. It is a security protocol used to initiate encrypted communication between an Internet browser and a web server.All data transmitted between the user and serverarebeing encrypted as an ‘encryption key.’

In more simple terms, it secures data and information that is relayed between the user and the website so that complete security is maintained. The SSL Certificateis a file containing cryptographic keys related to the organization and its detail, further activating a padlock.

Online data privacy and integrity is assured through an elaborate procedure. In addition to that, credible data gets transformed into an undecipherable format, and the credential of the user is established. Data can be read-only with the decryption key. 

What is HTTPS?

HTTP or Hypertext Transfer Protocol has become the standard protocol, especially after Google started pushing HTTP sites. It secures and protects the foundation of entire data when sent or exchanged between a browser and a server. 

It is also considered as a signal impacting factor that manipulates the SEO ranks for an SEO boost. The encrypted version is known as HTTPS, will help their users to connect with authentic sites. This certificate also provides website security. 

The Cheap SSL Certificates have become a necessity, being on the ranks since 2014. It provides a competitive edge to all businesses online, especially against those who do not own this certificate. By the year 2018, Google has been mentioning HTTPS secured website on the address bar of Chrome.  

The connection between SSL and HTTPS  

Once the SSL certificate is set up, it can be utilized to configure data using HTTPS. Both of these technologies work side by side. Website URLs that are preceded by HTTPS is an identification that the particular site is SSL certified.

Securing the website with SSL certificate 

Whenever you or another user enters a website to send an email or use the service for messaging, you are immediately connecting with the external server. This communication stays unprotected and unencrypted. 

Hence, the chances of intrusion remain, especially from unwanted third parties who can access this information without any interruption. To avoid this, the SSL certificate should be implemented. Data security is the main motive behind this certificate, and it also influences the ranking on Google and SEO. 

The marker of this certificate is made visible to leverage the confidence of the customers and the users. The padlock icon, ‘s’ in the URL, and the green address bar indicates to the visitors that the information is kept secure and the trust of the company is maintained.  

So, to sum up, SSL offers the following – 

  • Authentication – Guarantees that the visitor connects to the right server 
  • Encryption – Establishing private and secure connection  
  • Integrity – Prevent data corruption during data transfer 

Securing the website with HTTPS 

The websites dealing with personal information are linked to credit cards, and social security numbers need enhanced security. Hence, migrating all websites to HTTPS is crucial.  Here is why. 

  • Google is attempting to make this place safe, and they are pushing for safer connections using the SSL certificate.
  • Not having this impacts website ranking.
  • Web pages not having the “HTTP” on the address bar will be declared not secure. This will drive away visitors. 
  • The new norm is connection security. Hence, not adapting to it harms website reputation.  
  • With more strict regulations, services should request more privacy. This gives a medium for the building of a trustworthy connection to the server. 
  • Hackers can easily interpret and steal website data without an SSL certificate.  

HTTP or HTTPS is the symbol of solid security assurance. Primarily tasked to protect data, communication, and informationwith confidentiality and righteousness are guaranteed between website browsers and servers. 

Benefits and Advantage

Security is the foremost advantage that comes with the SSL certificate and HTTPS. They are also key components responsible for protecting the sensitive information of the users. The confidence that every user gets while seeing that visible green padlock sign is incomparable to anything else. As a result, the binding trust of the customers will counter for increased website conversion rate.   

It also directly influences the SEO search rate. Since Google prefers those websites which have the Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure. Its algorithm also prefers this, as a part of a larger initiative, assuring that the web is a safe place to be in. 

Chrome has also included updates to warn the users whenever they open or access a site without the HTTPS.  Beyond this, Google also offers several prominent resources that help avoid security breaches and website hacks. Henceforth, Google regards it as one of its primary challenges, establishing secure and strengthened online platforms that are more and more needed now.

Process of Switching from HTTP to HTTPS 

Although this mechanism is a bit time consuming and tricky, it is worth it. Here is what you should do.  

  • Find the right SSL certificate from the Best SSL Certificate Providers. 
  • Install this certificate on the concerned website.
  • Go through configuration updates to make it HTTPS rather than HTTP.
  • Redirecting all pages to the HTTPS website.
  • Re-verifying the ownership of the website to the preferred HTTPS location.
  • Web property configuration update in Google Analytics.
  • Confirmation after testing of the website.
  • Successful conversion.


The internet is a global village, making communication possible across continents. Consequently, online security has also developed to be a bigger challenge; that is why strong practices are required to make it safer and secure. 

Acquiring an SSL certificate and shifting to HTTPS is one of the best methods to maintain site credibility, ingenuity, and reliability. You can get your hands on a certificate from a trustworthy organization.

A protected internet platform always works for everyone’s best interest. You earn the loyalty of your users that boosts brand awareness. Keeping it secure should be your priority. 

Avoiding unwarranted threats like unethical cyber activities so that the customer data stays confidential and protected – this is your responsibility while operating an online business. 


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  1. An SSL certificate is important that every business must have on their website, it generally secures data transfers, sensitive data such as IDs, passwords, credit card transactions, logins, and other personal information of a particular site and gives a safer web browsing experience.

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