Protect Your Files: Locking And Unlocking Your PDFs Using PDFBear

Password protected files have its pros and cons. One of the major cons for encrypted files is when you accidentally forget the password, or for some reason, the encrypted file shared with you has no password included in it. To avoid such a dilemma, PDFBear gives you the perfect solution for this sort of problem. Here is how you can maximize PDFBear’s free features. 

Locking And Unlocking PDF

With its unlock PDF feature, you can now remove the encryption in a few simple steps.

But first, lets talk about locking your PDF. You may have tons of reasons why you want to lock your PDF files. It may be because you wish to keep the information contained in your files away from unwanted eyes, thus limiting the people who can access the document. This is incredibly fitting for files that contain confidential or sensitive information.

Another reason you may have for locking your PDF files is that you wish to limit the possibility of people modifying the files. This is necessary for contracts and the likes that usually require a signature from the persons involved and a response back to the sender.

No matter what reason you have, locking your files is pretty convenient, and PDFBear offers you a feature that allows you to add the password protection you wish your file to have.

How To Lock Your PDF Files?

Locking your PDF files is achievable in a few easy steps:

  1. Select the file that you want to add the password protection to. You can also drag and drop it if you like. Either way, as long as you get to upload the file into the online platform, you will be good to go.
  2. You will then have to put the password you wish to add to your file.
  3. Click encrypt PDF and ta-da; your file is now ready, safe, and secured.

Of course, when you can lock a PDF, PDFBear provides you with a feature that allows you to unlock or remove such encryptions when you wish to rid the encryption from your file finally.

PDFBear: Unlocking PDF Files

Unlock your PDF files in these easy steps using PDFBear:

  1. Choose the file you want to remove the password from and be sure to upload it on the platform.
  2. Enter the password.
  3. Click on Unlock PDF, and PDFBear will decrypt your file. Your file will then be ready for download after a few minutes.

This feature is favorable when you wish to decrypt your password-protected file permanently. Password-free files are easy to view, and the good thing was that PDFBear could help you remove password protection when you want to get rid of it.

PDFBear’s password removal is safe from malware or viruses. The web-based tool assures a safe environment for you when you are using it. Additionally, with PDFBear, unlocking your PDFs are efficient and easy to use. You can easily follow the step by step process included in each feature when you are uncertain how to proceed.

Although PDFBear can unlock almost all files, there will be a few that are the exception. These files are usually heavily protected beyond the unlocking capacity of PDFBear. 

What Other Things Can You Accomplish With PDFBear?

PDFBear can offer you several other features aside from locking and unlocking your files. It is an all-in-one PDF editor that can help you manage and organize your files accordingly. In the professional world, this is pretty vital. Furthermore, not only professionals but even students can benefit from these features.

Convert To PDF

If you want to use the best PDF converter available at your fingertips anywhere and at any time, PDFBear is the perfect online tool for you. You can change your Word, Excel, JPG, PPT, and HTML files into PDFs efficiently and without compromising the quality. To add, you can also convert your PDF files into one of these formats.

Merge PDF

Having several files can be troublesome. So why not combine them and have those files in a single file instead of separate pages? PDFBear provides you with the best solution for such a dilemma. Therefore, saving you some space and having more organized files held on your device or online.

Split PDF

Just like the lock and unlocking, when you can merge, you can also split your PDF files using PDFBear. When you wish to extract a few pages from your file, this feature is readily available for you to use and access freely.

Compress PDF

With most of the platforms that allow file sharing having limits on the size of the transfer, being able to reduce your PDF files is a big deal. Gratefully, PDFBear has this feature available to aid you in reducing your file size with just a few clicks.

Repair PDF

If you have corrupted PDF files, PDFBear offers the repair option to recover your corrupted files. However, not all files can be recoverable. Some will be beyond PDFBear’s capacity. However, rest assured that the web-based tool will be able to help when possible.

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