Want To Remove The Password Of Your PDF? We Have The Solution For You

A lot of businesses and individuals favour PDF among other file formats. Aside from the fact that you can retain the data of your file without the risk of anyone else editing it, its security features are advanced. For example, you have the liberty to encrypt a PDF file with a password.

You can do this by using software like Adobe Acrobat or some web-based tools. But what if you want to remove the password of your PDF? Believe it or not, you can do this easily in seconds. Here is how you can do it without downloading software. 

Introducing PDFBear

If you are not familiar with this website yet, then it is time to get to know its features. One of them is decrypting your PDF files. You can unlock PDF file in just a few clicks. Thanks to its superior cloud technology, you can access this tool easily. Aside from the unlock PDF feature, you can also use over 20 tools without signing up for anything.

You can convert your PDF files into another file format, split, merge, repair, delete pages, edit, view, and more with this website. All of the features of PDFBear are free to use any time of the day. Trust us when we say that this is the only website you will ever need when it comes to productivity and file management. 

Top-notch security features

The main reason why most of us would encrypt our files with a password is to protect its contents and data. So, it is only natural to wonder if PDFBear can do the job without compromising the integrity of your files. When you check out the website, you will see a tab dedicated to the website’s privacy policy. But to give you a summary, all files are encrypted by 256-BIT SSL security.

It is one of the best online security there is out there. In addition to this, the website will not collect any personal information from its users when they use the free services of PDFBear. The website will automatically delete all the files you have uploaded on their server after one hour. Once it is gone, you will not be able to download the files you have processed. The website will also not keep a record or a copy of it. 

Using this website to unlock your PDF files will keep you safe from threats of viruses and malware. No need to download any third-party software or add a plugin to your browser. There are tons of other web-based tools that can do the same service for you. But in terms of security, PDFBear is ahead in the game. 

How to unlock your files with this tool

Now we have come to the best part. As mentioned earlier, you only need to do a few clicks to remove the password of your files. PDFBear is one of the most efficient ways for this task. Here are the four easy steps to do it. 

  1. Go to www.PDFBear.com and look for the unlock PDF tool. You can locate this tool at the PDF Security tab. This website is applauded for its accessibility and easy to navigate user interface. 
  2. Once you are already on the server, upload the file that you want to decrypt. If the file is in your cloud storage, PDFBear will fetch it for you. No need to download the file from your cloud storage. You can also drag and drop the file into the toolbox. 
  3. When the file is already up, the website will give you a disclaimer first before you decrypt the file. Once you are done reading it, type the password of your PDF. This tool will only work if you know the password of the file. Otherwise, the website will not be able to process it for you. Above everything else, PDFBear upholds the integrity and privacy of your files. 
  4. After a few seconds, your file should be ready for download. Save it to your device or you can upload it to your cloud storage. This tool will also let you email the file or share the generated link with your workmates. 

Anyone can use this easily! 

Thanks to OCR, the website does not only cater to those who can speak English. This web-based tool supports over 22 languages from around the world. So locals can choose the language they want to use so they can follow and use the website without any limits. If you are having problems with the services of this website, you can also get in touch with their customer support without any hassle 24/7. No doubt, this website is reliable and convenient to use, given any circumstances. Start removing your passwords with this tool so you can access your files with ease.

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