A list of free and commercial web uptime monitoring tools

Uptime monitoring tool? What’s that?

Yeah, the word UPTIME is very common for every website owners. It’s directly depends on their website’s availability on Internet. Nowadays, almost every web hosting providers assure a 99% guarantee for server uptime. This is very important  fact for every web-masters who are expecting revenue from their own websites.

The UPTIME and the speed of website have a very crucial role in website’s SEO.

Monitoring a website manually 24/7 is impossible. We need some automation tools to monitor the UPTIME / DOWNTIME of our website 24/7. There are a lot of free and paid uptime monitoring tools available on internet. Here I’ll go through some of the popular and commonly using Uptime monitoring tool.

1, pingdom

This is one of the commonly using monitoring tool. You can create / sign up a free account on Pingdom to monitor your websites. The settings and option available with pingdom is also simple. Monitor your website and servers and let you know right away when anything goes wrong.

Create a pingdom account from here >> Sign up <<


>> Detailed Reports
>> Multiple Check Locations
>> Public Status Page
>> Email Reports
>> Root Cause Analysis
>> Add Multiple Users
>> Mobile Apps

2, Uptimia

Uptimia is one of the top commercial monitoring tool now-a-days. It includes a lot of advanced monitoring tools for your website. An average website crashes at least every month. Manually checking if your website is online is time consuming, inconvenient and unnecessary.

You can sing up with uptimia for your website’s monitoring. Different plans are available with uptimia monitoring tool.

Uptimia offers a free plan for unlimited monitoring for 1 website at 5 minutes interval. We also offer premium services, such as transaction monitoring, full page load monitoring and real user monitoring.

Price details

Create an uptimia account from here >> Sign up <<


>> Uptime Monitoring
>> Transaction Monitoring
>> Real User Monitoring
>> Full Load Monitoring
>> Instant Notifications
>> Global network

3, Host-tracker

Host-tracker is also an important alternative to monitor your website. In Host-tracker main page, there are options to check some features like ping, trace, port etc.

Create a free account from here >> Sign up <<


>> 24/7 monitoring
>> Uptime & Response time reports
>> Check domain/ip in DNS black lists
>> Instant Check
>> Database monitoring
>> Response time check
>> Content Check
>> SMS, Email, Hangouts, Skype, Voice Call, iPhone alerts
>> Multi protocol monitoring
>> Multiple worldwide locations
>> Reports&Statistics
>> Easy to use

4, monitor.us

It’s a good tool for web masters. Total visibility in one dashboard is the feature of monitor.us. We can create a free account easily over here.

Sign UP from here.


>> Website uptime and response time
>> Server health
>> Network performance
>> Custom metrics
>> No software eliminates hassles
>> Cloud-based services protect our planet
>> Everything’s possible with open API

5, Siteuptime

SiteUptime will check your website at 5 minute intervals from 7 different locations across 4 continents. Before alerting you, any failure is confirmed with an alternate geographic location check, minimizing the potential of false positives.


>> Monitoring
>> Alerting
>> Reports
>> Available Monitoring Options
–HTTP: Web Server
–SSL: Secure Socket Layer
–Web Page Content
–DNS: Domain Name Server
–POP3: Email Server
–HTTP Password Protection
–SMTP: Outgoing Email Server
–Custom TCP Ports
–FTP: File Transfer Protocol

6, Internetseer

InternetSeer is the world’s largest website monitoring service, providing accurate and reliable free hourly website monitoring to over 2.2 million websites worldwide.


>> Availability Monitoring
>> Performance Monitoring
>> Link and Image Checking
>> Transaction Monitoring
>> Historical and Detailed Check and Alert Reporting


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6 thoughts on “A list of free and commercial web uptime monitoring tools

  1. If you need a free service Monitor.Us (http://www.monitor.us/) is an absolute top player. However, its premium version Monitis (http://www.monitis.com/) has a lot more to offer in terms of full – end to end monitoring. You can monitor basically everything – starting from your website all the way down to infrastructure level (servers, databases).
    It offers 30+ monitoring locations to check your website uptime and load times.

  2. I wonder which of these monitoring-providers you would recommend to webhosting-providers, or web-agencies, so they can either use for themselves or even resell to their cPanel-clients?

  3. Add the site UptimeControl.net to the article, because only they have a 3-minute site availability check interval on the free plan.

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