Web hosting concepts – A simplified view with examples

What is actually Web Hosting? What does it mean?

Web-hosting is a type of service/process which allows you to upload your website to a web-server and then go to live. Simply, is a process of putting your website in to a web-server. Different types of hosting techniques are available around you now-a-days.

You can buy a dedicated server to host your website contents, but it’s very expensive compared to others. There are a lot of free web hosting methods are available here. This discussion will enrich your knowledge about different types of hosting techniques and also different web-hosting parameters which are commonly using and so.

Different web hosting environments available are;

  1. Shared web hosting
  2. VPS hosting
  3. Dedicated server

To analyse the concept I’m explaining this with an example of different living environments around us, please see the last section.

What are the different types of Web-Hosting platforms?

This is very necessary to know the type of web hosting platform for your web page. The main web hosting platforms are listed below:

Linux Hosting Servers: If you are a Linux lover, there are a lot flavors are waiting for you 🙂 Linux web hosting is comparatively cheap and the availability is also high. Linux web hosting supports the following platforms;
PHP, PERL, CGI-BIN, phpbb, CGI.pm, WordPress, Joomla, Drupal etc. Looking for affordable Linux hosting?

Windows Hosting Servers: By comparing to Linux, Windows hosting is much expensive due to the licensing cost for different applications. Linux applications are almost open-source. Windows web-hosting supports the following platforms;
Support NET framework, .ASP, ASP.NET, Jrun, php, dot nuke etc.

You can select the web hosting platform as your wish. That means, if you really have knowledge in Asp.net and not much familiar with Linux, you can simply select a Windows web hosting space for your website. If you have much knowledge in Linux, you can select a Linux space for your website.

Different hosting types with example.

Different types of hosting methods are available now-a-days. Here I am explaining the basics of different types of hosting techniques.

1, Shared Hosting

In this web hosting method, the website is hosted under a high power high speed server along with other websites. Every website owner has their own user name and password to login to their account to manage the website hosted there. In this method the resource usages are shared for all accounts hosted on that server.

Every users can access only their permitted area and their files. Even the users wouldn’t know the total accounts in that server. This type of web hosting is a cost effective one for small/medium websites which needs high performance.

The main disadvantage is, traffic in one website on that server will effect all other website due to the sharing concept of resources.

Shared hosting has a lot of advantages and disadvantages, you may please refer this for more details >> Advantages and disadvantages of Shared hosting <<

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2, VPS (Virtual Private Servers)

The speed is less for websites compared with the websites which are hosted in shared server. In this method you will get a whole server with root access. You can install/uninstall any application as your wish. You will get a dedicated resources like RAM, HDD, BW etc. This method is much expensive compared to shared but it is suitable for medium website hosting.

Here the main host node with higher resources is divided into small units with limited resources.

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3, Dedicated Hosting.

In a dedicated hosting you will get more compared with the virtual hosting. In this technique the complete machine is allocated for your web hosting purpose. You will get a dedicated RAM, HDD, BW, Port speed etc. The cost is very high compared with the others. This web-hosting is suitable for large scale web-hosting, that means for hosting websites with higher connections.

If you still have any doubts, please go through the example below:

Here, I am selecting different living environments for illustrating the web hosting concept. You can compare the shared hosting idea with a rent house with number of peoples. Here each lessor has their own rooms with high security but the resources are common to all other lessors. There will be a super power called the house owner who has the root power to your area.

We can consider a Villa setup for illustrating the virtual server setup. Here, a main compound is divided further and made it as a virtual space for individuals. We have a full permission on the whole area which we owns actually.

In a dedicated setup the whole area will be assigned for a singe user like only one house in a compound. That’s it, you will get more details from this image.


In the above example, the first figure is representing a shared server with multiple users. From the example you can see that the users have their own private area (rooms) and all other resources are common 🙂

Second figure illustrating the concept of VPS(Virtual private server). Like host node divided into multiple VPSs here the compound is further divided and created each home. The last figure is for dedicated server.

That’s it. 🙂

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