How to access WHM panel without root password?

Is it possible to access the WHM panel with root password?

Yeah, it is! If you have the shell access through SSH Key pair on the server, you can simply access the WHM panel without knowing the actual root password of the server. Normally you can log into the server shell using SSH key pair. How to enable Password less authentication in SSH?

However, you can not access the WHM panel by using any Key pair. In this blog post I am going to explain the steps to create a session to access the WHM panel for root and or any reseller accounts without its password.

This can be done by executing the “whmapi1” command via Linux Shell. WHM API 1 accesses the WHM interface’s features. You can use this API to perform server administration tasks, administrate cPanel and WHM reseller accounts, and manage cPanel & WHM services.

Whmapi command to create a WHM root session from command line

You can create a temporary root WHM session by executing the following command:

whmapi1 create_user_session user=root service=whostmgrd

See the sample output pasted below:

[[email protected] ~]# whmapi1 create_user_session user=root service=whostmgrd
cp_security_token: /cpsess8662625020
expires: '1491426452'
service: whostmgrd
session: root:jwSXXJdpEfRsX3Yl:create_user_session,2b7c65b438be888b85e687d81cc280d8
command: create_user_session
reason: Created session

This is a one-time-use session to access WHM panel. Just copy the WHM URL and paste it on web browser. This link will bypass the need to enter a root password. That’s it!

Whmapi command to create a WHM session for reseller account

To create a WHM session for a reseller account, just change the “user” name from root to reseller account’s user name. That’s it!

Try this and access WHM instantly 🙂

Let me know if you have any questions.

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