What is a group in Linux?

This is a way to organize Linux users. The group membership is administrated by the file “/etc/group” which includes a list of groups and its members. We can also define a user in different groups.

In this case that particular user can access files in different groups where it has access.

What’s the command to delete a particular group?

You can add a group by using the command ‘groupadd‘ and also you can manage the same group by using the ‘groupmems’ command. Here is a command to delete the group from system/server.


# groupdel $groupname


Creating a group

[[email protected] ~]# groupadd testgrp
[[email protected] ~]# grep testgrp /etc/group

Deleting a group

[[email protected] ~]# groupdel testgrp
[[email protected] ~]# grep testgrp /etc/group

That’s it 🙂

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How to give access only to a folder inside s3 bucket for an AWS IAM user?

Sometime, you want this option to limit access to an s3 buckets from a particular IAM user. This can be done by adding custom policy on IAM user without changing any policies from bucket level.

Scenario: You are AWS account owner and you want to give access to one of your web developer to a particular folder on your main s3 bucket. It’s safe to give access in this manner.

You are safe from any type of data changes in all other folders.