How to restart the service Spamd – cPanel

It’s not such a great deal, but we must know how to. I wondered the service Spamd is not there under “/etc/init.d/” directory. In a cPanel server, there is a script to manage the Spamd service. See the details.

What is Spamd service?

Spamd is the service for the email utility Apache SpamAssasin. Apache SpamAssassin is an email utility that examines incoming email and tests for spam characteristics. It uses Bayesian spam filtering and network tests to screen incoming email. This results in an overall score that Apache SpamAssassin uses to determine whether it should discard a message.

Reference :: Apache SpamAssassin

How to check the status?

/scripts/restartsrv_spamd --status

How to restart it?


Restart Exim too;

/etc/init.d/exim restart

That’s it 🙂 🙂


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