It is one of the most common stories that businesses create Instagram accounts in order to ensure that their products are being displayed in front of the 1 billion users that Instagram has, as stated by . However, opening an account on Instagram is not going to do the job completely. If you fast forward the scenario, you will understand that the total photos that you have uploaded are going to receive less or no likes at all. You are not going to see any improvement in the success of your business. However, if you are capable of getting more likes on each and every Instagram post, you will be able to achieve success as well. Given below is a list of the strategies that you can follow if you are
interested in getting more Instagram likes.

Ensure that the photos are of high quality

You do not need to be an experienced photographer in order to click a particular photograph for your business account. If you have a smartphone and you are aware of certain basic photography skills, it is going to help in creating ideal pictures for your Instagram account. Ensure that the lighting is perfect and everything can be understood easily. A photo that is great is naturally capable of attracting more likes because of the aesthetically pleasing nature that they possess.

Using consistent filter schemes

It is going to sound frivolous, but it is crucial that you remain consistent in the filtering scheme, especially for building the brand on Instagram. If you use one or two filters for every post that you upload, you actually help in maintaining consistency as well as a visual identity of the Instagram account of your business. This is also going to ensure that your photos can be recognised instantly, which is going to eventually increase recognition as
well as ensure that you keep getting likes consistently.

Sharing post from other platforms

It is one of the best ideas to link the Instagram account of your business to the other social media platforms like Twitter or Facebook. This helps in leveraging the profile traffic along with the views that are being generated in the other platforms. When your followers and fans from the other social media accounts know that you have an Instagram account as well, they are definitely going to follow you. This is going to increase the number of likes
that you receive on the posts. Your business blog is another amazing place for sharing Instagram posts and increasing engagement.

Making use of the local hashtags

Using the local hashtags is one of the best ways of reaching potential customers, who are present near you. You need to find the popular accounts and understand the hashtags that they are constantly using for the posts that they are uploading. Make use of these hashtags and there is a high chance that you will be able to connect with the people, who are near you. Also, you may end up discovering accounts who will be interested in featuring the photos or the business. This will eventually help you to get more followers and hence, more likes on the Instagram posts.

Make use of popular hashtags

Popular hashtags are not going to be extremely effective when you are looking forward to reaching the Instagram users who are present near you. However, popular hashtags are going to be extremely useful when you are looking forward to reaching a huge base of Instagram users. Using these hashtags will ensure that more people are viewing the posts, which is a great way of racking up the total number of likes that you are going to receive. Even if the likes are not of high quality, you can be assured that the credibility of your account is going to be boosted. This is definitely a great way to move forward.

Tag locations

When you decide to tag locations in your posts, people can easily understand the area from where your business is operating and will be interested in viewing the photos. If you decide to tag general locations, people will be interested in viewing the posts. This will ensure that
you have the ideal chance of getting more likes on the photos. Gaining auto IG likes from reputed websites is also a good idea.

Sharing behind-the-scenes pictures

Social media is an ideal place for sharing intimate moments from the business with the followers and fans, which helps in developing the personality of the brand and also strengthens the emotional connection with each and every customer. It is a great idea to give the followers the behind-the-scenes of a particular product and take them for the office tour. This kind of content is extremely engaging and unique, which will help you to garner more likes from the followers.

Run a giveaway

There is not a single person who does not appreciate free stuff. Organizing a giveaway is an ideal way of getting more Instagram likes. You have to create an engaging and attractive photo of the product that you are planning to give away, write an interesting caption, use hashtags, and ensure that more people are participating in this contest. If your followers like the product that you are giving away as a prize or they have been hoping to purchase this product for a long time, they will end up participating in the contest. This will help you to gain more likes on the posts.

Partnering with influencers

It is a great idea to look for an influencer, who belongs to your industry, in order to partner with them. Request them to take a picture of your products and post a clear photo. Influencers are known for the huge follower base that they have. It is your responsibility to tie up with them so that you can attract their followers to your own account as well. This will also eventually help you to get more likes.


If you follow the strategies that have been mentioned above, it will be easier for you to receive more Instagram likes. Instagram likes are similar to the vanity metric, which will help you to feel comfortable.