Fundamental Reasons for Integrating Instagram and Email Marketing Strategies in 2019

Instagram has achieved phenomenal success ever since it’s inception in October 2010 and is today used by more than one-eighth of the total population of 7.7 billion on the planet.

It boasts of over 1 billion monthly active users and 500 million daily active users. Moreover, 71 percent of the business brands in the United States are all on Instagram and are leveraging this powerful marketing platform.

You may have been compelled to prove the ROI and efficacy of your company’s marketing endeavors from time to time particularly, in terms of email marketing. Email marketing in 2019 is still regarded as the king of the marketing universe with $44 for each and every $1spent and a 4400% ROI.

However, modern marketers must not forget that email marketing’s overall reach actually goes much beyond ROI that is why it is a good idea to merge the two marketing strategies namely Email Marketing and Instagram Marketing for ultimate success in 2019.

Experts have realized the importance of integrating Instagram and email marketing efforts and they would never miss opportunities to reap the benefits of really effective integrated campaigns. Let us explore the fundamental reasons to opt for Instagram email integration.

Both Are Regarded as Effective Direct Response Media

Both Instagram posts and email blasts are actually devised for maximizing direct response. The response period and the scale of actual communication may vary but practically speaking, the art of prompting a direct response through integrating creative and copywriting is quite similar. We have seen through experience and Instagram studies that integrating videos and pictures tend to get a much better response as compared to plain text updates. Therefore, it makes real sense to integrate both Instagram and mail marketing efforts for achieving the best results.

Both Function Well When Communications Are Targeted & Relevant

Relevance, Relevance, and Relevance! This is the underlying mantra of all online communications right from social media such as Facebook or Instagram to email marketing. Digital marketing is based on testing what would really prove to be the best in terms of boosting relevance. Email marketers would be using AB testing for comparing subject lines while Instagram marketers would be assessing response to diverse kinds of offers, posts, and updates.

It is obvious that email marketing would be offering better targeting options than Instagram or other social media platforms but there are some unexploited or less-often used options to target via social media like Instagram advertising or Facebook advertising. You may contact a professional digital marketing agency for real Instagram likes and perfect digital marketing solutions.

Both Perform Best When Integrated

We know that the impact of an Instagram post would be occurring within just a few minutes. Hence, it is essential to repeat key offers and messages. Email is an effective alternative way of repeating and reminding people about Instagram campaigns. Moreover, dull and heavily text-oriented emails would become enticing and vibrant, thanks to stunning Instagram posts and pictures.

Conclusion: Both Are Perfect for Online Branding

We have discussed the use of Instagram and email for encouraging direct response, as well as, sale. However, it is vital to get the right balance in both these online marketing channels so that there is no overload of offers. You must strive to achieve the perfect “Sell-Inform-Entertain” balance in both your Instagram posts and email communications. Entertaining and informing via diverse kinds of content are vital to keeping your target audience engaged with your Instagram posts.

This is referred to content curation and this has always been the case with email marketing. An effective newsletter would contain a broad spectrum of topics for engaging your target audience and not simply focus solely on Pushing your Product. All these similarities between Instagram and email have actually prompted marketers to integrate these two vibrant and versatile marketing platforms for the best results.

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