Commonly using scripts for Kloxo server

Kloxo is a free control panel for managing your VPS hosting or dedicated server hosting. Since Kloxo is a free control panel, it have many bugs. Kloxo’s scripts are not very common. Here I am explaining some kloxo scripts.

# /script/fixweb

This command is used, when all the websites failed to start

# /script/fixdns

This is used when DNS failed to start

# /script/fixhorde

This is used when Horde Mail gives 500 Internal server error

# /script/fixmail

If your Kloxo email fails, then you can proceed with the above command

# /script/restart

You can use the above command when kloxo failed to start

These are the most common Kloxo /script command. Be careful while you are executing /script commands if you are not aware of what exactly you are doing.


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