Biometric Solutions – For Ongoing Monitoring

Nothing in this world remains in a constant state whether it’s an opinion about an individual or a place or performance level of a business and its product lines in the market. Just like that a business firm or a financial enterprise can never be assured of a customer by a mere one-time verification but to keep the performance level balanced and to make it grow, biometric technology plays an essential role.

The service of biometric verification online of a customer at the time of KYC (Know Your Customer) authentication and even afterward on repeated intervals of time helps the concerned business to identify and filter out damaging leads and activities from its business circle.

Biometric Verification Online for Seamless Customer Onboarding

The usual process of the KYC validation involves multiple confirmation checks but in a small frame of time. Post the confirmation of identity documents, the face recognition technology in biometric verification online validates the facial properties of the client in no time with maximum accuracy.

In the biometric authentication process, the client can get himself registered in a brief period. The solution offers custom services to the concerned business, where the final user for enrollment can select from given options in biometric verification online. 

  • The individual would have to upload images of identity documents and a recent selfie as well for face recognition in biometric identification
  • Digital screening solution confirms the identity documents of clients and in the biometric verification online, the facial properties of the clients are compared against the image on the submitted ID proofs
  • AI-driven identification confirms the client and exhibits the final result in no time for swift decisions regarding onboarding

The authentication checks are frequently practiced on every client to get an updated report on his/her status and activities. The other services of mobile 2FA and security questions along with document authentication are optional.

Use Cases of Biometric Verification Online

Avoiding Fraudulent Chargebacks 

Often it has been seen that post ordering a specific product online and its delivery, in case if the client damages the perfect good, the customer reports that the product was received in imperfect condition and claims for a refund which is prevented with biometric verification online. Earlier the same kind of trials was faced in the banking sector when customers used to deny making a transaction for a fraudulent chargeback. 

Due to biometric verification online before every transaction approval now takes care of bad actors and their stories. The consent authentication where the client uploads an image with a note confirming the authority over the transfer activity, biometric authentication process identifies the customer. The rightful client is confirmed with biometric verification online with greater accuracy so the false claims made don’t become an issue for the financial entity. 

Prevention of Stolen ID Usage

There was one reported case of unauthorized ID usage of an individual called Ronnie Boggle who almost lost his brother due to a lack of systematic biometric verification online. His brother Gary Boggle who attained penicillin by using his brother’s medical credentials could have died by the medicine abuse. Despite the self-act of an imposter, the media and public always accuse the providing healthcare or pharmacy of not conducting standard verification. Loss of human life cannot be recovered due to such negligence. 

Minor Protection

Other than banking and payments confirmation, biometric verification online in restricted industries are also heavily practiced for preventing underage children from toxic substances and disturbing content online. The companies always in marketing campaigns always focus on minor restrictions from the age-specific services and products but the overall standard authentication gate does get surpassed by them in one way or another. The solution for biometric verification online with an embedded AI-driven network group of numerous models makes sure that every minor stays protected from exposure to adult-rated services and products in every manner. 

Like that there are a plethora of cases that have been publicized all over the globe of substandard biometric verification online in different industries. Whether it’s online gaming & gambling platforms, financial enterprises, or any other business, the biometric identification is meant to be there for secure client onboarding, not only for a one-time customer authentication but for practicing checks at consistent intervals of time. 


The standard biometric verification online with digital screening services authenticated the identity of customers at an impressive pace with maximum precision. After confirmed checks and relations are established, the business or financial firm still optimizes the technology to perform checks on a repeated basis to validate authority over transactions and other activities so the customer later cannot make any fraudulent claim. The biometric verification online also protects the customer’s data and other assets from imposters as it is capable of detecting spoofing and liveness of the client.

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