The Best POS System for Linux Operating Systems

The best point of sale (POS) system for a Linux-based operating system (OS) should make it easy for you to process payments, record transactions, as well as handle, and track special offers. It should also help improve employee efficiency, track performance, and stock volume as well as generate accurate reports. 

Many businesses prefer using a Linux OS on their computers because it is more stable, reliable, and are not as susceptible to virus attacks as other Operating systems. As compared to Windows, and iOS, only a few POS systems are compatible with Linux-based distributions. 

Whether you own a retail business,  restaurant business, or even a chain of businesses, here are the top POS systems for Linux OS you should consider. 

The Best POS System for Linux in 2021

POS System Deployment Options Pricing 
uniCenta oPOSWindows 7 to 10, Mac OS, and LinuxStarting from $78.42/ annum
Floreant POSLinux, Mac, Windows, and Rasberry PIStarting from $50.00/month 
OpenBravoWindows, Mac and Linux, Android and Web-based Quote-based (but often as high as $971/month)
Gofrugal POSWindows, Linux and Web-based deployment Starting from $7/month
Korona POSWindows, Mac and Linux Starting from 49/month per terminal

The Best POS System for Linux Overall – uniCenta oPOS

The uniCenta POS system is suited for such industries as education, retail, gym, and sports centers as well as event management applications. The intuitive software may be used to process payments, track business performance, monitor stock levels, and manage customers. 

With the restaurant version of the POS system, you may also accept partial, payments, split payments, manage reservations, split bills, set up unique product pricing, handle sales tax. Other capabilities of this solution include barcode generation, bundling of products, and employee management. It features multiple warehouse management capabilities, such as stock transfer across business locations. 

Additionally, the system features an API that allows you to integrate the point-of-sale with an array of third-party services and e-commerce platforms for enhanced versatility. Configure uniCenta to generate business-specific reports, hence gain insight into your financial operations, customer activities, employee performance, sales processes, and inventory movements. 

uniCenta oPOS Benefits 

  • Can generate multiple Web reports using your customer, employee, inventory, financial, supplier, and sales 
  • Allows you to separate or split checks
  • Features table management, and receipt printing capabilities 
  • Offers real-time retail analytics as well as multiple Web reports on various business processes
  • Allows you to set up and configure user access permissions
  • Supports eCommerce integration, as well as online ordering, and payments 

Possible Drawbacks 

The POS system lacks essential resources for troubleshooting common issues. Again, you may need to integrate the system with third-party services to get advanced features like special discounts, and customization of reports. 

The Best Restaurant POS system for Linux – Floreant POS

Automate kitchen operations, simplify order management, and maintain control over cash movement in your restaurant with the Floreant POS system for Linux. The software was originally developed by OROCUBE LLC  for the Dennys restaurant chain. It was later released into the market as an open-source POS solution, in 2009.

The software can run on almost any platform that supports Java, including Linux, Mac, Windows, and even Rasberry PI. This allows you to use any hardware configuration you prefer or find affordable for your business, and even integrate with experimental projects. 

Featuring a simple user interface, the Floreant POS system is compatible with both small, and large monitor displays. It offers a range of restaurant-specific features like customizable order types, server tips, Drawer pull, server productivity as well as customer and tax management capabilities. 

Floreant POS Benefits 

  • The POS system is non-cloud, hence suited for offline use in food trucks and remote restaurants 
  • Compatible with a wide range of hardware configurations and operating systems, including Linux, and Raspberry PI
  • The Tax feature allows you to handle Vat/Tax sales in the UK and European countries, as well as assign tax to every menu item
  • Complex Table Service tools allow you to locate available tables, ticket number, and status, split, and print guest checks, as well as edit and reorder food
  • Allows you to connect with the cash drawers in the various terminals directly 
  • Features a modular structure of the system can handle multiple product types and allows for easy modification of the code
  • Offers a Back-office suite of features and capabilities for the administrator(s)
  • The various modifiers allow for complex pricing of items with ease

Possible Drawbacks

The software does not have an open API for integration with third-party services. Again, it lacks important customer management tools and incentives like gift cards.

The Best Omnichannel Retail POS System for Linux – OpenBravo

The OpenBravo for Linux is one of the best Omnichannel POS software solutions for almost any retail and a few restaurant chains (Source). It is specifically designed to accelerate innovation, and facilitate easy Omnichannel execution in such businesses.

The modular design of the software features flexible technology that allows for greater innovation and agility in your business. Its multi-platform compatibility lowers IT implementation costs while facilitating personalized, and differentiated customer experience across all retail platforms. Some of the impeccable capabilities of the software include multi-store management, integrated CRM, and Loyalty features.

With such a system, you can transform your retail store into an Omnichannel hub, with support for such things as Click & Collect. The OpenBravo OMS order management system allows you to optimize order fulfillment. You will also be able to get accurate, and real-time stock visibility and improve execution efficiency with the OpenBravo WMS feature. 

OpenBravo POS Benefits 

  • Features an open API for easy and swift integration with third-party eCommerce, ERP, or Payment platforms 
  • Features a built-in open-source, and flexible modular architecture for enhanced extendibility
  • Has a single respiratory for data and configuration, allowing you to set up all aspects of the system, like taxes, prices, products, payment methods, and loyalty from a single point
  • Comes with a comprehensive CRM feature to offer you complete visibility into customer activity 
  • Equipped with centralized, real-time Inventory management capabilities 
  • Features a range of integrated retail reporting tools, offering a complete data warehouse that may be extended to suit your business needs 

Possible Drawbacks 

Though quote-based, this software is too expensive for startups and smaller businesses to implement. You may also find the OpenBravo user interface to be a bit dull, and it only offers a few customization options. 

The Best All-in-One POS and Business Management Software for Linux – Gofrugal

Streamline, and grow your business with a complete retail and Restaurant POS and Management software for Linux OS—the Gofrugal POS system. Unlike the other POS systems for Linux reviewed in this guide, Gofrugal is loaded with a myriad of capabilities, beyond the point-of-sale. 

With the Online ordering, delivery, and KOT capabilities of the software, you can now delight your restaurant guests with simplified management of operations. The POS, and billing software encompasses a range of restaurant, retail, and distribution solutions for different industries. 

It features some of the best data Syncing capabilities that allow you to process transactions both Online and Offline. In addition to multi-store management capabilities, the software streamlines supplier management and automates the reordering and purchase process. The provider offers Mobile POS apps for both iOS and Android devices. 

Gofrugal POS Benefits 

  • Comprehensive Supply Chain Management suite with support for multiple EAN codes, and prices for the same item
  • Supports Multiple retail warehouse management based on convenience and location
  • Allows for easy tracking of inventory movements, including indent requests from your outlets, stock dispatch, and receipt of the indents at the warehouse
  • Facilitates Master Data Management with the ability to create customized attributes for all locations centrally 
  • Automates replenishment and stock allocation across your locations on a pro-rata basis
  • Features a range of Outlet Administration tools, allowing you to configure business processes and transactions to your specific needs 
  • Comes with a built-in Financial Accounting feature suit with support fora specific classification of ledgers, groups, and vouchers 

Possible Drawbacks

Customer Service at Gofrugal is not as good as it should. The Chat customer support feature on their website is not readily available, and you may fail to get help when you need it.

The Best Multi-location Franchise POS System for Linux – Korona POS

You will find almost all the features on the Korona POS system for Linux, including gift cards, promotions, staff permissions, menus, and reports, highly-customizable. You can also scale the cloud-based POS system to meet the needs of your multi-location franchise. 

Some of the features you will come to like about the software include inventory tracking, an integrated payment processor, employee time management, and warehouse management. With such a POS system for Linux, you can also keep track of commissions, analyze products, manage cashier permissions, and automate the ordering process. 

Korona supports integration with some of the leading customer loyalty management solutions to offer you advanced capabilities. Additionally, the provider offers a cloud-based Back-office portal for convenient, and real-time business management and data analysis. 

Korona POS Benefits 

  • Features a comprehensive inventory manager that supports data import, product analysis and stock notifications 
  • Integrated processor agnostic payments with support for credit and debit cards as well as mobile and contactless payments 
  • The Reporting and Metrics feature gives a complete overview of sell-through rate, profits and revenue, as well as conversion, return, and turnover rates
  • Comes with a built-in point-based loyalty, and the CRM system allows you to customize the structure and monitor CRM data
  • Equipped with a number of retail loss prevention features 
  • Features Franchise and Multi-Location capabilities 

Possible Drawbacks 

The more affordable Korona POS subscription plans lack some of the important POS and business management features. Additionally, the software does not support third-party integrations. 

Final Verdict 

Come to think of it, most of the leading Linux distributions can actually Outlast the hardware with minimal or no need for maintenance or updates. This is why thousands of users and an increasing number of businesses prefer Linux-based operating systems like Ubuntu. 

Despite this fact, there are only a few POS systems that are compatible with Linux-based operating systems. Regardless of your business nature and size, this guide will help you choose the best POS system for Linux.

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