Unable to establish a PHP session – PHPMyAdmin error

PHPMyAdmin error

Do you ever come across the following error when you access PHPMyAdmin from cPanel?

Access Denied Unable to establish a PHP session. If you believe that this is in error or inadvertent, contact your system administrator and ask them to review your server settings.

Normally, you will get this error when the permission or ownership of the tmp folder for this user is wrong. That is, make sure the ownership of /home/$username/tmp folder has ownership set to $user and permission as 755. If it is not, you will face the same problem.

Here we go for a solution. Please follow the steps pasted below:


1. SSH into the server as root.

2. Check the permission and ownership of /home/$user/tmp folder. Set ownership as $user.

# chown $user. /home/$user/tmp

3. Set permission of the tmp folder to 755.

#chmod 755 /home/$user/tmp

That’s it!!!

$user can be replaced with your respective username.

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6 thoughts on “Unable to establish a PHP session – PHPMyAdmin error

  1. Hi,

    check this too …

    Check to verify the account is

    >> not at it’s disk space limit
    >> /home/$username/tmp directory is owned by the account username with 0755 permissions.

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