Managing email notifications in cPanel/WHM

Yeah, we know that the wide range of cPanel/WHM features. We discussed a lot of topics related cPanel server. Here I’m pointing to the Contact Manager option in WHM. This feature is used to manage email alert notification for different events that occurs in the server. By default it uses the system contact information for notifications. We can change the destination address by using Change Alert Destinations or from the Basic cPanel & WHM Setup interface.

Some people doesn’t like receiving multiple emails. In this section we can manage different events email alert simply. Please see some examples;

We can enable/disable Account Creation alert, Account Removal alert, Account Suspensions alert, Account UnSuspensions alert, Account Upgrades/Downgrades alert, Altered RPMs Check alert, AppConfig registration notifications alert, Bandwidth Limits alert, Branding Migration alert, cPanel Backup alert, cPanel Backup Destination Disabled alert, cPanel Configuration Checks alert, cPanel Required Perl Module Auto Installs alert, cPHulkd Notifications alert, Disk Integrity Check alert, Disk Quota Check alert, Kernel Crash Check alert, Recently Uploaded Cgi Script Mail alert, Service interruption (ChkServd) alert etc.



1, Log into WHM.
2, Goes to “Home >> Server Contacts >> Contact Manager

From there you can simply manage the email alert options.


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