10+ reasons (Advantages) to choose SSD drives over HDD drives – A quick view

Why this topic?

Yep, it’s time that we discussed about the SSD drives and its advantages over traditional HDD drives that we are using right now. Almost all data-centers are now replacing their hard-drives to SSD because of its wide advantages over HDD. In this discussion I’m going to list some advantages of SSD drives. Before starting this, we must know about “what does it mean for SSD and HDD?”.

SSD (Solid State Drives)

These are non-mechanical solid state data storage device that consist of NAND flash mounted on electronic circuit board rather that hardware. Solid State Drive or Solid State Disk though it contains no actual disc nor a motor to rotate the drive. It contains electronic interface to store data. SSD haven’t contains any moving parts.

Set of solid state drives (SSD)

Advantages of SSD over HDD

1, Fast access to information.

As it doesn’t have any mechanical moving part the I/O speed is very high. Speed and reliability is also high. The copy write speed is ranges b/w 200 MB/s to 500 MB/s.

In traditional HDD the copy read write speed Ranges between 50 MB/s to 120 MB/s.

2, Power consumption.

Power consumption is very less as it doesn’t have any moving (rotating) parts (approx. 2 – 3 watts). If we are using SSD in our laptops we can increase the battery backup.

3, Size

This is one of the great advantage of SSD. SSD uses NAND flash to store data, so it’ll reduce the size in future.

4, Durability is very high.

5, Less boot time for OS (Operating System).

Normally 8-12 seconds of average OS boot-up time. In a mechanical drive (HDD) it may take 25-40 seconds to boot up the OS.

6, Noise free.

As there are no moving parts the noise is also negligible.

7, Lastingness.

No tear and wear 😉

8, No vibration.

No moving parts no vibration.

9, Heat produced is very less.

10, Less wait.

Disadvantages of SSD

Prize, that’s the only disadvantage of SSD over HDD. Prize for SSD is very very high. Someone doesn’t care about the speed of drives, you can continue with HDD. If you want high speed, please go ahead with SSD.

Another disadvantage is recovering data from failed SSD drive. It’s very hard compared to traditional HDD.

I’ll add more details soon..


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4 thoughts on “10+ reasons (Advantages) to choose SSD drives over HDD drives – A quick view

    1. Or maybe the techniques to recover data from SSDs are in a young stage?
      Also, they die like flies and suddenly. No death warnings like HDDs.

  1. How about memory sizes they are available in?
    SSDs might not be available in larger sizes (> 1TB), while HDDs of 6TBs can be seen easily in various data-centers.

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