Links in Headers Footers Navigation and Content Can Impact SEO

You might have come across this important question in your life more than once. Which link seems to be more valuable? It is the one in the navigation or in the content of your online page?

What will happen if any one of those in-content links turns out to be an image and another one remains texts? Always remember that not all links are created in an equal manner and getting rightfully familiar with details can also help in building a stronger link based structure.

For the best result, you need to know more about links in headers and footers and in navigation versus content, which will affect both external and internal links. You further have to understand about link value and equity, which will pass to website or another one if you are linking out of that.

Going through the research will make you realize that there are multiple items associated with internal linking. Some examples might help. You have some on-page links, which will matter and will carry way more weight than any other. If you are smart enough to use these links across your site totally, you will receive potentially or incremental benefits depending on your usage. To help you with that, experts from Tayloright are down to help.

Do you think some on-page links matter than others?

The answer to this question has been divided into few major points, which will help in clearly understanding the norms well.

  • Content links matter more:

Content links will matter more than navigational links. Now, this is nothing too surprising. If you have the right link here in content of pointing to Gummies page or Choco puffs, it might carry more weight in Google’s eyes than if you point it in the navigation. Now, this point may not be universally true but can be observably. So, whenever anything is surrounded in navigation, it is always universal in that navigation. Whenever something is right there, it is only specifically presented. Therefore, it is a bit tough to tell cause and the effect. You will know some ways to
get to the external links shortly.

  • Devaluing links in footers:

If you have any link in footer region but don’t have that in primary navigation, whether on site or at the top or even in the content of page, then that same link may not carry enough weight internally. There are some instances when it might seems like carrying a link with almost no weight at all other than just ending up in indexing.

  • Used links might carry more weight:

For now, this is a proven theory. But, you have go to see some paper works on that and you might end up with some hypothesizing in SEO company that Google might be watching as people browse internet. It will help the search engine to gain data and see if the site is a well trafficked one or not. It will procure a lot of visits from some other pages. This navigation will actually get used versus this navigation, which does not seem to be used at all. There are so many ways in which Google might interpret data you might have collected. It can be anywhere from size or the CSS quality. It can also be how it might appear n page visually.

  • Visible links get more weight:

This point seems to be a bit testable. In case you have small fonts or rather tiny links, they are not as accessible or obvious like the visitors. It seems that they don’t actually carry as much weight in the current Google’s rankings.

  • On page with the various links to same URL:

An example might help in proving this point more. Just think that you have got products linked up at the top, but you end up linking to down at the same time. It seems that Google will check both links. The two links will equally point to same page during such instances and this page will inherit value of anchor test from first link on page and not both. So, the anchor text will be treated as non-existent. Google definitely ends up ignoring multiples links to same URL and it is vital internally and externally. So, if you are trying to go ahead and try stuffing links in internal content then you won’t end up getting added values. Same case is applicable if the sum is up higher in content.Second link to the same URL will not carry text value.

Can link location or the type affect external link?

There are some other items to check on external side of things and where they are likely to be placed on images. Be sure to get those points covered as well.

  • In-content links hold more value than nav links or footers:

Nav links are always better than footer. But in terms of content, this primary area is always right and that’s the area where you are going to get most link value. It is only possible if you have option of where you are going to get external link from page.

  • Links opening in new tab or in new window versus links opening in same tab and window:

It really does not matter that much. Google will not appear to carry any separate weight from experiments that you have seen and the ones you have actually concluded.

  • Text links perform better and get more weight than image links with some alt attributes:

These links seem to perform way better than JavaScript links and other types. But, it is mandatory to know that multiple times you will see that website to function something like this. They will add an image, which will then be a link that point off to page. Below that image, there will be a caption with KW based anchors.

Make sure to get these points straight if you want to use links in positive manner. Things might take a wrong turn with little bit of mistake from your side.

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