A list of cPanel default open ports with its service name

The cPanel/WHM is one of the best control panel in web hosting field. The simplicity itself is the important point to make it widely acceptable. We already discussed a lot of topics for cPanel. The installation steps are also quite simple.

Refer this to install cPanel on your CentOS server >> cPanel installation steps <<

In computer networking, a port is a software construct serving as a communications endpoint in a computer’s host operating system. A port is always associated with an IP address of a host and the protocol type of the communication.

Here I am listing all important (default) open ports in a cPanel server. You must open all of these ports in the server firewall to run the cPanel without any glitch. These default ports are configured as opened in the firewall like CSF for a cPanel server. Here we goes;

20	FTP (Data port)
21	FTP (Connection port)
22	SSH
37	rdate

Email ports:

25	SMTP (Simple Mail Transfer Protocol)
26	SMTP (Alternate)
587     SMTP (alternate)
110	POP3
143	IMAP4
995	POP3 SSL
783	SpamAssassin

cPanel & Webmail

2082	cPanel
2083	cPanel SSL
2086	WHM
2087	WHM SSL
2089	cPanel license
2095	Webmail
2096	Webmail SSL
2077	WebDAV
2078	WebDAV SSL
53	DNS
3306	MySQL
43	whois
113	ident
873	rsync
6666	IRC

That’s it!!

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