How to reset WordPress admin password from cPanel?

How to change WordPress users password – PhpMyAdmin?

There are many ways to reset the WordPress admin password. We can reset the WordPress admin password from WordPress admin panel as well as cPanel-PHPMyAdmin. We all know how to reset the wp-admin password from the WordPress Dashboard. It is time that every WordPress blogger knew how to reset the WordPress admin password from PHPMyAdmin.

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We can change the WordPress users (Admin and other users) password in many ways.

1, From WordPress dashboard.
2, Via PhpMyAdmin in cPanel.
3, From MySQL command prompt.

The first option is simple. If you know the current password go ahead and reset it from WordPress dashboard. This can be done from profile section.

We already discussed the second option. Please see the above link.

Here we go with the third option. Reseting WordPress users password from MySQL command prompt. It’s simple. Read more….

WordPress is one of the most popular and widely used content management system. Because of its popularity and ease of use it’s always being exposed to several security vulnerabilities or hacks.

In case if a WordPress website is hacked, we may not be able to enter the wp-admin panel. Also, when we are upgrading a new theme or plugin for our WordPress website, then our website and admin panel may gets Internal error or white pages, it there any incompatibility issues.

In those cases, as a Sys Admin it’s very important to know, how we can reset the wp-admin password from PHPMyAdmin.

Here I am explaining how you can change the wp-admin password from PHPMyAdmin.

1. Obviously you should log into cPanel with your username and password. Then, select PHPMyAdmin from “Databases” tab.

cPanel > Databases > PHPMyAdmin


2. Identify the database

We can identify the database that you are using for your WordPress website, from wp-config.php file. In that file, you can see the following entries which defines your Database name, Database user, Database password and Database host.

A sample wp-config file which lists the database details is shown below:

/** The name of the database for WordPress */
define('DB_NAME', 'crybit_wordp1');

/** MySQL database username */
define('DB_USER', 'crybit_wordp1');

/** MySQL database password */
define('DB_PASSWORD', 'password_of_the_database');

/** MySQL hostname */
define('DB_HOST', 'localhost');

Database name format in a cPanel server is “cpanelusername_name of db”. The database name in this example is “crybit_wordp1“.

Now, in the PHPMyAdmin you can see your databases listed in left side. Select and click on the database name that you see in the wp-config.php file. Then, you will see a list of tables that starts with “wp_” for most of the part.

***If you have changed the prefix in the installation time, then you need to search for the specific prefix. For example: “wpmy_

3. Identify the table

Then, we need to search for the table wp_users and click on the database table. It will lists the WordPress users. Click on the Edit icon of the user admin if you need to change the password for the admin user.


Now, you will see a window which looks like this:


There, you need to edit the user_pass field to change the password. WordPress stores password in MD5 encrypted form. You are not allowed to store a plain text password. For that you need to select MD5 from the drop-down next in the function field.

In the value field, enter your password in plain text format.


This means, you are converting your plain text password to MD5 encrypted format. Then, click Go to save the changes.

Similarly we can change all WordPress users passwords!

That’s it!!!


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  1. great tutorial!
    This is an useful guide, and I love screenshots for explaining the process.
    The most common reason to change username is for “admin”, I guess???
    Thanks for sharing.

  2. These steps were very useful, and I liked that it’s reasonably short and to the point. I followed it to the letter just now and, yes it worked well for me. I used this to fix a password email not workin “disabled by admin” problem. My password is now updated. Thank you!

  3. Nice article! This is really helpful to used my business site development. It is simple but effective tutorial. I absolutely like this tutorial.


  4. Hello Arunlal,

    I have tried your method but it doesn’t work for my website. I have changed my user id via phpmyadmin but the combination of new login and new password still doesn’t work.
    Can you help please?

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