Back to Endurance International Group

Yes, I’m back to EIG!!

I am very glad to say about this opportunity that I got in my career.

As every SysAdmin, this was my dream to work with Endurance. It’s a long journey and finally I got the chance to work as Linux Systems Architect in Endurance International Group.

I hope, I can explore more on Linux Architecture field going forth. This should be a milestone in my career.

#EIG #LoveTheCulture




I would like to thank all of my previous employers in this occasion.

Veeble Softtech Pvt. Ltd.

The company where I started my journey. It’s a milestone in my career. Still love those days. I started Blogging from there. They gave the domain name and hosting as a gift to all employees.

VIPoint Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

Added some more points into my profile. More than three years. Enjoyed a lot.

Cloud2Scale Pvt. Ltd.

I got the confident from there. A dive into Cloud sea. Can not forget #9stacks…

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