WordPress installation steps via kloxo panel.

Word-press is one of the best free blogging site. It can be easily install and manage by every website owners. Here I’m discussing about how to install word-press on server having kloxo panel.
First download latest word-press from HERE

1. Login to kloxo panel
2. Select file manager and upload word-press zip file to your websites home directory and extract it.
3. Load your website from web browser to install word-press.
http://yourdomain.com or http://yourIPaddress
You may have one screen like the below image if configuration file was miss in that extracted list in your home directory.
to solve this problem you need to create a wp-config.php from file manager or from command line and paste the php code from your web browser.

4. In this step need to fill database details.
If your server haven’t any database for word-press first create that for installation. You can simply create database from kloxo panel. Selection_087
If you forgot to create database for word-press, there must be an error like,

5. Fill the word-press site details here(name, password, email etc.)

Thats it… You can simply login to your word-press site by using user-name and password that you have created

Thank you for your time. 🙂

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