What’s new with cPanel 60?

Let’s ready for the change!!

Why this topic? Yeah that’s really an amazing question. We all know the great features offered by the famous web hosting control  panel cPanel/WHM. They added more attractive and useful features to its upcoming version 60. Likewise, they did on their previous updates 🙂 Here, CryBit going to list some of them for you!

Less memory, higher responsiveness.

Yeah, this is a true fact! From cPanel 60 you will get a better UI performance. A total of 25% memory reduction will be experienced with v60. This means more memory is allocated for applications are customers.

For example, the account creation and termination feature in WHM will perform 10 times faster in v60. Average account creation time in version 60 is now under one second, lol 🙂

Other features of v60


We can not move forward without discussing about PowerDNS feature in v60. This technique is also focused on reducing the memory usage by Bind. PowerDNS is a modern DNS system that uses BIND files to provide an optimized nameserver solution. Also the speed is high for request handling.

cPanel & WHM version 60 will only include support for PowerDNS in a full cPanel & WHM server. DNSOnly support will be added in a later release.

EasyApache 4

This is already implemented since the version 58. But in v60 the performance speed is high for EasyApache. Package managment and dependency resolution is blazing fast, with interfaces loading up to 18x’s faster than in version 58.

Say good bye to x3

Yeah 🙁 v60 is the first cPanel & WHM version to ship without the theme x3. The theme x3 is serving since 2007, ohh!! great 10 years!

Paper Lantern comes into focus with load times faster than its x3 predecessor. SVG sprites and icons provide support for a superb 4k experience.


PHP-FPM grants you faster application performance and a reliable security model, without sacrificing speed.

Faster DNS Zone Reloads

The deferred reload system for Name Servers received a complete overhaul, improving the responsiveness of all Zone and Domain interfaces. Multiple Zone edits place less load on the system allowing faster response times.

DNSSEC : Securing DNS from Attacks

This feature protects all websites in a cPanel & WHM server against one of the most well know DNS exploit vectors in the internet. This is known as DNS cache poisoning attack. It is a very common expoit method for hijacking DNS and rerouting customers to a another server.

We (v60) introduce DNSSEC to prevent this issue. DNSSEC creates a signature chain from the root nameservers to verify that the end server you are connecting to is the correct server. cPanel & WHM version 60 leverages the power of PowerDNS to easily and conveniently empower users to secure their zones through DNSSEC.

Style Management comes to WHM

You’re in control with the new Style Management interface in WHM. Download, upload, and manage all of your Paper Lantern styles directly from WHM.

SSL/TLS Wizard

Some changes are also implemented in this section. This has a new simple view which makes purchasing certificates even easier. The new view allows you to purchase wildcard certificates and multiple wildcards on a single certificate.

Will update the post going forth!! Enjoy!

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