Top SEO Tools that are Used by Experts in 2020

If there’s one thing about SEO that has remained the same in the previous years, it’s the fact that it is continuously evolving. Gone are the days when a content laced with keywords would do the trick. Times have changed and so have the SEO practices.

Google now takes into consideration numerous factors when ranking it. Of course, keywords are still relevant, and important, of course, however, numerous other factors have also come into play and changed the complete gameplan.

This is the major reason why there is an increased dependency on different SEO tools in today’s times. Digital marketers offering  SEO services in New York are using these tools to identify issues with their websites, resolving them and boosting their rankings.

Here’s a list of some of these tools that are trending in 2020:

Answer The Public

Any top SEO tools list you will find on the internet, it’s certain that it features “Answer The Public” on a prominent spot. This extremely handy SEO tool allows users to find over 150 keywords in merely a few seconds.

Answer The Question works in a very different way than the commonly used Google Keyword Planner. What it does is that it identifies questions which are asked by people on social media and other platforms including forums and blogs. Those questions are then converted into keywords that have great search volume.

While exploring questions and keywords at Answer The Public, don’t forget to peek a glance at “Vs. Keywords”.


Another popular name in the world of digital marketing, SEMRush is widely used by experts. It can help to find keywords and allow users to compare their websites to competitors, providing them with key analysis.

SEMRush can also come in handy for digital marketers if they are looking for comprehensive analytics reports. These reports can help them to develop a better understanding of the search data of their website and its traffic.

On top of it, users can also know about how competitors are performing. This tool also has an “On-Page SEO Checker” feature. This feature allows them to monitor and evaluate their rankings.

Animalz Revive

A very handy tool, Animalz Review can identify old content available on your website that requires the most attention. Earlier, people had to go through each section of their website to know which page needed improvement and update. However, with this tool, all this work can be completed in minimum possible time.

The use of Animalz Revive can tell you exactly which posts should be updated and improved to give a boost to your website’s performance.


It is ranked among the top SEO analysis tools. Having both free and paid versions, you can use it to track your digital marketing campaigns’ data. This app will help you to have a comprehensive report featuring all the data you require.

Not only you can find data about the campaigns you are running, but Woorank can also help you to discover keywords that are being targeted by your competitors. Also, this tool can prove to be of great assistance from both content and technical perspectives. It can identify redundant content and security issues. Therefore, you can fix them timely before it gets out of hand.

Google’s Mobile-Friendly Test

No business entity, in this competitive age, can survive without catering to mobile users. And for this, every website must be mobile-friendly. If it doesn’t run smoothly on smartphones or other hand-held devices, it is missing out on a lot of leads.

Google’s Mobile-Friendly Test helps digital marketers to know if their website is mobile-friendly or not. It also has a “Page Loading Issues” feature that can guide you to make improvements to your site’s code. Once your website has become mobile-friendly, the performance of digital marketing campaigns will start to improve as well.


It’s no secret that Google penalizes a website if it features content identical to that of another website. If this happens, not only you are losing rankings but leads as well. The best way to ensure this doesn’t happen is to use Siteline. It is an SEO checker tool that will scan your website.

If there’s duplicate content, it will identify it. Apart from duplicate content, it will also help to find broker links, the number of internal links per page, average size and speed of the page, etc.

Some of these tools are free while others feature premium versions. You can always use a trial version to know if it proves to be of any help for you or not. If you are a beginner, you can take the help of a local SEO company to handle this domain for you. For more details you can visit Eric Dalius.

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  1. Hi Maria Jones, Good Day. I heard only a few from the above list Moz & cognitive SEO. I like to try all other listed SEO tools. Cognitive SEO is not free but they are providing a 14 day trial for first sign ups, Thank You.

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