Top 7 Essential Content Marketing Tools You Need in 2019

Nothing sells better than properly written content. To win the attention of your readers, it is important to write coherent content that does not throw readers into confusion.

Looking at the importance of having properly written content, it would be better to get MyPaperWriter services to handle the assignment in order not to compromise on your quality. There are essential content marketing tools that you will need to be sure of your success in doing so and here are top 7 tools that you will definitely need!


This is a content management system that will help you get started with your content development easily. It is a widely used platform by many people around the world because it is optimized for use by almost everybody seeking to get noticed online.

There are SEO plugins and other great features that would help you do your content marketing effectively.


Nothing puts off readers more than poorly written content. To avoid bad grammar and wrong choice of words in your articles, the Grammarly tool can be used to take care of that. There are both free and premium packages of the same. Therefore, this tool will set you on the right path of writing error-free content which is both good for your SEO and for the readers as well.

Google Docs

Want to draft your content ideas fast and keep doing it while on the go? Then the Google docs tool is what you need. This tool has a great user interface allowing you to write and edit your articles from different devices without having to rely on your computer only. Written articles are available online and can be accessed on different gadgets. It is also a sure way of preventing the loss of your content since it is saved online.


Effective content marketing requires proper management of the process and this Trello tool helps you do that. This is particularly if you have a couple of things to do on the same with a number of people involved in the process. Trello will help you stay organized and deliver on your assignments.


The best way to approach content development is by looking at what ideas, keywords and phrases work for your chosen topics. The Buzzsumo tool helps you to do that. It is a content marketing tool that helps you research and analyse similar words and catchphrases that have performed well in your niche. That way, you will be able to use the right words in your content and compete favourably with your competitors.

Google Analytics

Measure your performance using the Google Analytics tool. This tool helps you track business metrics and know how you are performing. With the proper configuration, it is a powerful tool that will help you decide on what areas you need to improve to make your content more visible online than it has been.

Adobe Photoshop

Visual content is having its say in the world of content marketing. They say that “a picture is worth a thousand words” and therefore, images are key in passing the message out there about your services and products. If you are not a good graphic design, all you need is Adobe Photoshop for your visual content development.

Final Thoughts

Content marketing is a lot demanding hence the need for tools that can facilitate the process and make it more bearable. Even with the help of professional writers, you need to check the accuracy of the content before posting online. Make use of these top 7 content marketing tools to enhance your experience with this important exercise for your business.

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