These Six Trends Will Shape Social Media Advertising in 2019

Social media is continually becoming a vital ingredient for all types of business. It is also quickly changing in form and approach. It is no longer the tool that was used for new connections, awareness, and discovery of products, instead, it is used for specific business purposes and conversion as well as building conversations. However, the universe of social media is
continuously changing.

With rapid changes on a frequent basis, it is turning out to be a challenge for social marketers to put up with the evolution and constant market changes. From Facebook and Instagram influencers to You-Tube content creators, here are six trends that will shape the social media advertising in 2019.

Rebuilding Trust

Brands are becoming “human” as the circle of the trust on social media is becoming inevitably tighter. (Social media is after all credited with hyping fake news). 2018 Has been a year of crisis when it comes to trust on social media. In the wake of this predicament, Facebook was compelled by users and the regulators to advance its accuracy, transparency and the security

Twitter also fought controversies following the surging number of fake accounts on the platform.

Following that, consumers, media observers, regulators, and customers have questioned the ethics, privacy, accuracy in virtually all social networks.

It explains why more than 60% of people don’t trust social media companies. It comes as a new challenge and opportunity to social media marketers. The users have lost trust following the realization that the massive following of many social media influencers are often faked or bought.

Trust is known to revert close friends, acquaintances or friends even on the social media as well as the trusted and traditional journalism outlets.

Therefore, smart brands will focus on optimizing to reach out to more clients while producing both transparent and quality engagement.

Social media Ad Budgets

More competition primarily on the paid social media forces means marketers have to up their game. Currently, we have appreciated the fact that that you have to pay-to-play on social media.

Following that, marketers are continually increasing their budgets on social media and generating more ads than it has ever been in previous experiences. Factually, one out every four Facebook pages is a paid ad. For instance, in the US, digital ad spending accounts for 23 percent.

Although at times, the return on the investment is not proportional to the costs and the short attention on those social pages.

In efforts to counter this, the social media teams are complementing the social media and money with equal time dedicated to creativity and the targeting savvy. They also pay for only the well performing organic content in efforts to reap more and mitigate the losses.

Designing a great visual Facebook ad or on any social media platform is also a plus to promote your business. Hiring professional graphic designers like Design Pickle can help you create a smashing, on-brand digital ads for your business.

Cracking of the Commerce Code

The advancement of social media shopping technologies may ultimately trigger more sales. Social media adoption has been so fast, for instance, in China, 70 percent of the population is currently buying directly from the social.

However, some regions like North America isn’t up to the pace despite the much-hyped promise of purchasing by just a click of a button. The trend is changing especially with the young generation that comprises a majority of the online buyers.

Messaging Eats the World

Customers are continually demanding one-on-one social experiences with the messaging app’s recording as much as five billion active users monthly. This is far beyond the traditional social networks across the world. Across the board, most of the users are switching from sharing news on social media to messaging mentioning that they are seeking more private space.

Research shows that nine out of ten customers prefer messaging while communicating with business. Messaging is the most preferred channel by customers. It confirms that direct communication with the clients helps increase their confidence is a given brand. It is the trend to assume for every smart marketer as they hold high-value conversations.

Storing Social

Content teams are becoming adaptive since stories give new formats for sharing. The rate of stories growth is now 15 times quicker than the feed-based sharing.

Production of valuable posts is significant since it is the key to come up with different content styles. The marketers ought to adopt this and intimate, multimedia appearance and feel of the stories to win more clients.

What story is your brand telling? What can consumers associate your brand with?

In 2019, brands are expected to become more creative in building stories that are easy to relate to and can be told time and contribute to their efforts in Search Engine Optimization.

One of the greatest winners in this area has been vehicle manufacturers as well as wine and beer makers. Time and again, they remind us the history, the journey, the transformations and so much more about the brand. This creates authenticity and a personal touch them.

Chatbots are Winning

The world is going crazy about artificial intelligence. If you are a marketer determined on the keeping in close contact with your audience even when you are physically unavailable, then chatbots must be on your list of tools in 2019.

A good number of website owners now know this and have installed chatbots on their sites to specifically respond to messages on their behalf.
Chatbots on various platforms like Facebook will aid marketers to accomplish effective communication through enhanced customer experience.

Finally….here comes 2019

2019 will not ideally be a time for new trends but rather an enhancement of the existing ones. Nonetheless, we expect to see more use and advancement of artificial intelligence in all advertising platforms

Whatever the trends, the challenges, as well as the ways of engaging 2019, may be very exciting to work and create social media advertising. It is a roadmap to navigate and thrive remarkably well in the year ahead.

With the huge masses joining Facebook daily, as others join Snapcat and Instagram, the marketers can’t afford to do without it. The temporary material provides room for the users to have an encounter with the brands at authentic levels.

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