[Solved] Connection dropped by IMAP server – mail issue

Some times it may occurs in cpanel based servers due to some problems related with the IMAP server. It occurs when you are trying to login to email account in Roundcube Webmail client.

Error details:

Error : Connection dropped by IMAP server

Log file:
Refer the below mentioned log file to find the cause:


Step 1: As usual, the first steps is the service status checking. That means you need to find out the IMAP service is running or not.

"/etc/init.d/courier-imap status"

Restart the IMAP service from command line.

"/etc/init.d/courier-imap restart"

Step 2: Update the courier-imap server.

/scripts/courierup –force


Then check the issue is stil persisting or not. If it is there, Check the ownerships of mail‘ and ‘etc‘ folders of users and make the permission like follows:

chown -R $USERNAME:mail /home/$USERNAME/mail/
chown -R $USERNAME:mail /home/$USERNAME//etc/

Where $USERNAME is the cPAnel user name.

This will fix the issue with IMAP 🙂
That’s it..

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