R=dkim_lookuphost defer (-1): host lookup did not complete

I was facing some problems with my exim mail server after cpanel migration. I weren’t able to send and receive emails from all emails accounts under any domains on that migrated VPS.

How to check?
Create a test email account under a domain on that VPS.

Login to cPanel >> Mail accounts >> Create new >> [email protected]

Then try to send emails from that test account you have created and watch the exim log file via command line

[r[email protected]]# tailf /var/log/exim_mainlog | grep [email protected]
2013-09-21 06:34:28 1VND1f-0006gu-J1 <= [email protected] H=( []:43456 P=esmtpa A=dovecot_login:[email protected] S=601 id=86ca9dc7a0c94ca7492e03[email protected] T="Test mail" for [email protected]

Using Message ID from the above output check the mail queue log(exim -Mvl Message ID)

[[email protected]]# exim -Mvl 1VND1f-0006gu-J1
2013-09-21 06:55:32 Received from [email protected] H=( []:44445 P=esmtpa A=dovecot_login:[email protected] S=602 [email protected] T="Test mail"
2013-09-21 06:55:33 [email protected] R=dkim_lookuphost defer (-1): host lookup did not complete

Got the error “R=dkim_lookuphost defer (-1): host lookup did not complete

Add these nameservers, IP to the resolv.conf file will solve the issue.

[[email protected]]# vim /etc/resolv.conf

Thats it, I hope this solution will solve your issue.   🙂

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