Rearrange an account in WHM

How to move a cPanel account from one partition to another from WHM?

This interface enables you to change which hard drive stores an account and it is a useful feature in WHM. Do you want to move any cPanel account from one partition to another? Are you in disk space shortage? Don’t worry, we can help you out!

Yeah, we mostly move accounts to another partition if we’re running in disk shortage for our /home partition and we have enough space in one of our other disk say /home2. If this is the scenario, then sure you can follow it!

As SysAdmins we always face disk space usage problems. Yeah, today I was in a similar situation. The /home partition was almost full and there was an additional HDD for /home2 which have enough space. In this scenario I’ve to move an account from /home partition to /home2.

Re-aarange account function actually moves all your data from /home and creates a sym-link to the new destination. There won’t be any downtime while doing this.

Through Rearrange account function we can do only one account at a time. If you have more accounts to move to new partition then we have to do a script for it.

To move accounts between hard drives, each hard drive must match the value of /home that you set in WHM’s Basic WebHost Manager Setup interface (Home >> Server Configuration >> Basic WebHost Manager Setup).

To change a cPanel account partition, perform the steps below:

Step 1. Log into WHM.

Step 2. Navigate to Home >> Account Functions

Step 3. There you can find “Rearrange an Account

Step 4. Now you can select the account for which you need to change the partition and click on “Rearrange” button.

Step 5. Now you’ll get a new window open and you’ll be prompted for the partition to which the account has to be moved.

Step 6. Select the correct partition like /home2 and click on “Move account”

Wait until you get a successful message.

Yay! That’s it!!

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Heba Habeeb

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One thought on “Rearrange an account in WHM

  1. Hello , Thanks for this article. Today i got same problem in my hosting. When i extend db , hosting team arrange second drive . From your article it helped me alot.

    My website Completely filled 1tb now Added second drive 3TB. From rearranged option i moved 1tb to 3tb for disk space issue. i think so it takes lot of time .

    After moved Date :
    1) Now /home will be unused or free space right?
    2) Any booting issues or any effect for my website ?

    please help on this

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