The module subprocess in Python

Method II : Direct method

Inserting commands directly instead as string. This is something similar to the first method. You can simply put the commands directly into the function. Bookmark the Index page and read more about Python.

See the examples pasted below:

To get Kernel details: Eg 1["uname", "-a"])

To display disk usage details: Eg 2["df", "-h"])

Method III : Executing as Python script in a file with .py extension

Step 1 : SSH to server.
Step 2 : Create a file with .py extension.
Step 3 : Give x permission.

chmod +x

Step 4 : Create code like:

import subprocess
print "Total disk details using df command:"["df", "-h"])

Step 5 : Execute it:


You got it!!

Try it and let me know if you have any questions..

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