How to set the maximum number of mails per hour – WHM/cPanel server

This feature is very useful to reduce spamming or something like that. By using this feature, we can defined the maximum mail that can be sent from a domain per hour. please note that, it’s a server wide setting. That means, once you set it in your server, it for all domains in your server.

Do follow these steps to do it from WHM control panel:

Step I : Login to WHM cotrol panel

Step II : Go to,

Home >> Server Configuration >> Tweak Settings

Step III : Under the mail section, you can set ‘maximum number of mails per hour’

See the image for more details.

Step Iv : Save

How to set the ‘maximum number of mails per hour’ linit for an account ?

Yes, you can done it by using the modify account option.

Home >> Account Functions >> Modify an Account

That’s it 🙂


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One thought on “How to set the maximum number of mails per hour – WHM/cPanel server

  1. It is good for preventing Email Spoof default it set Unlimited you have to change it because spammers need to send 700/m for email spoofing
    Thank you

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