Managing cPanel account using cPanelID – explanation

What’s this? And how manage this feature from WHM control panel?

cPanelID – This is simply your login ID of cPanel Manage2, cPanel Store, and ticket system. If you already have an account at cPanel Manage2, cPanel Store, and ticket system, you can now log into your cPanel account by using the same credentials. This is very helpful to reduce memorizing a lot of login details. You can use the same login ID here to access your web hosting control panel too, it’s simple, right?

If you do not already have a cPanelID, you can register at

Server side settings : The only thing that you have to do is “Enabling” that feature on your server. By default it’s turned OFF on the server. Here I am explaining the steps to manage (enable/disable) this feature on the server. It’s very helpful.

Turning ON/OFF “Log in via cPanelID” feature.

If you’ve WHM access, you can simply enable this feature from “Home » Security Center » Manage External Authentications” It’s really simple, right??


Now you can manage your cPanel accounts by using the cPanelID which you’ve.

How to access cPanel by using the cPanelID?

Yeah, we enabled it on the server. Now we have access the account using this feature. These are the steps for accessing the cPanel using cPanelID.

1. Access the cPanel URL:


2. If this feature is enabled on the server you’ll see the option for cPanelID on the login page.

Please see the sample page:


3. You have to Link your cPanel account with cPanelID.

This is simple. You can either do this by trying to login from “Login via cPanelID” or from the cPanel “Preferences >> Password & Security.”


That’s it.

Please write a comment, if you’ve any questions.

This feature is only available from cPanel version 54

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