Why lvetop? A smart tool to monitor CloudLinux resource usage.

What is LVE?

It’s a module that works with CloudLinux kernel. This concept has a lot of advantages in web hosting technology.

It’s something similar to the virtualization technique that we use traditionally.

The most important GOAL of LVE is to make sure that no single website hosted on a server can bring down the server.

Likewise we use the command TOP (to check the load-average on the server), here, lvetop command allows you to monitor LVE usage dynamically.

Please see a sample output:

$ lvetop
ID     EP    PNO    TNO    CPU    MEM    I/O
290      1      1      1     16%    113K         0
user001  17     18     18     12%    516M         0
user002   20      8     16    68%    172M         0


Introduction to CloudLinux and installation guide

Now-a-days almost all hosting providers offers CloudLinux especially in a shared environment.

CloudLinux was firstly introduced in 2010. It supports major webhosting control panels like cPanel, Plesk and DirectAdmin. Read more….

Field description

ID : User name if LVE id matches user id in /etc/passwd, or LVE id
EP : Number of entry processes (concurrent scripts executed)
PNO : Number of processes within LVE
TNO : Number of threads within LVE
CPU : CPU usage by LVE, relative to total CPU resources of the server
MEM : Memory usage by LVE, in KB
I/O : I/O usage
IOPS : Number of read/write operations per second

If you’re not much experienced with CLI (command line interface), this can also be monitored from the WHM control panel.

From WHM, Move on to Home » Server Configuration » CloudLinux LVE Manager. A screenshot of the same is attached below:


Also this can be checked from the cPanel account, “cPanel >> Logs >> Resource Usage.”

If you want to check the users resource usages statically, please view the file “/proc/lve/list.”

That’s it!!

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