The top Kodi add-ons for a seamless sport viewing experience

Are you planning to use Kodi for streaming sports and mega-events online? You might already know that to expand on the features of Kodi you will need to install add-ons, the following post is all about some of the top Kodi sports add-ons to offer you that seamless sports viewing experience. However, before you get into it, search and install the best free VPN for Windows 10 to keep all your internet activity hidden from prying eyes.

About add-ons

There are a few key things that you need to keep in mind about add-ons for live sports. According to experts, the highly-rated add-ons might disappear from the internet from time to time or develop malware along with legal issues. So, it is crucial to invest time and effort to find the right add-on and install them as soon as they are released. Also, keep in mind that the most
recent add-ons are the best ones to use since they are the ones with the latest bug fixes and user-issue improvements.

Well, now that it is quite obvious that Kodi addons will allow you to enjoy seamless sports entertainment, you need to understand that with the sheer number of options out there, one might get a bit confused. Most of the common users won’t have much of an idea about which add-ons work the best. We have all been there, and thus all you need to do is read on.

Gridiron Legends

The “Gridiron Legends” hosts about a dozen categories of sporting events from all around the world. Pay-per-view events, football, NFL, wrestling; you name it, it’s all there. There is no disappointment with this option.


Crew is one of the most popular in its category of sports add-ons. You can access all the live sporting events from all over the world, along with documentaries and movie features. Crew allows you to access live sports channels as well.


If you are looking to stream live sports content exclusively from the USA, then look no further than USTVnow. Here you can find all the popular sports entertainment channels, including CBS, FOX, CW, PBS, NBC, and ABC. You can even watch some exclusive subscription channels like the NBCSN and the ESPN2.


Voodoo focuses more on the movies and the TV shows, but our research team has deemed this add-on a top-rated one due to the live sports it offers. You can enjoy around 3500 TV channels just by installing this Kodi add-on.

Red Bull TV

If you are a fan of the adrenaline sports and thrill-seeker entertainment, then you need Red Bull TV. You can watch various on-demand shows as well as live adventure sports from around the world.

As stated earlier, all you need is to install a free VPN to stream online content. VPN allows you to keep your identity and internet usage secure from the government and the Internet Service Provider. It also allows you to circumnavigate the boundaries of the geographical location. It is all you need to be safe than sorry. All the best!

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