Webmin is one of the most commonly using Web Hosting control panels. This is an open source control panel which works on port 10000. Miniserv is the name of the web server application which handles the Webmin Web application. By default, Miniserv uses SSL for HTTP connections. This default setting cause some warning on the browser while accessing Webmin panel. The SSL is using for a secured connection to server.

In Webmin control panel, there is an option to disable the SSL function. This can be done from the server CLI or from the control panel.

With SSL disabled, you can access the Webmin panel over a standard HTTP connection.

Here I’m explaining the steps to disable SSL from server backend (Command Line Interface). See the steps explained below:

Step 1: SSH to server as root user

# ssh [email protected]

Step 2: Open the configuration file with your favorite text editor. The configuration file for Miniserv is “/etc/webmin/miniserv.conf.”

[[email protected] #] vim /etc/webmin/miniserv.conf

Step 3:  Change the value of  “ssl” entry from 1 to 0

ssl=1 to enable
ssl=0 to disable 

Step 4: Restart Webmin service.

[[email protected] #] /etc/init.d/webmin restart

Step 5: Restart Apache

[[email protected] #] /etc/init.d/httpd restart

That’s it.

Please see Disable SSL – Webmin if you’re not much familiar with command line. You can do the same thing from the web interface.