How to delete locked mails from mail queue (Exim)?

Deleting locked emails from Exim mail queue..

Yeah its something different from normal deletion of mails from exim mail queue. Here I’m explaining how to remove locked emails from queue.

While clearing the mail queue for a reason, I got an error like this “Message 1AdTsr-0089tc-F6 is locked” This happens because the mail id ’1PN63s-0005r4-Oh’ is being processed by an exim process.

As such it is required to first kill the corresponding exim process and then removing the mail from mail queue.

So first kill that process corresponding with the Message ID them remove the mail from exim mail queue.

Please do follow the commands pasted below:


[[email protected]]# ps aux|grep 'message ID'

[[email protected]]# kill -9 'pid'

[[email protected]]# exim -Mrm 'message ID'

In this case message ID is 1AdTsr-0089tc-F6 So commands comes like:

[[email protected]]# ps aux|grep 1AdTsr-0089tc-F6

[[email protected]]# kill -9 'pid'

[[email protected]]# exim -Mrm 1AdTsr-0089tc-F6

Alternate method

Stop the exim service and remove all locked mails from queue.

[[email protected]]# /etc/rc.d/init.d/exim stop

Delete the message in your Mail Queue

[[email protected]]# /etc/rc.d/init.d/exim start

Thats it… 🙂

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