How to access kloxo control panel – Port number to access the Kloxo panel

We already discussed about, how do we can install the kloxo control panel on a server. You can refer kloxo installation on centos for more details;
Here, I will give some quick way to acces your kloxo control panel and how do we can change the default port numbers to access.

The default port numbers for kloxo control panels are 7777(SSL) and 7778.
How to access ?

http://yourdomain:7778 Or http://yourIPaddress:7778
For secure connection 
https://yourdomain:7777 Or https://yourIPaddress:7777


How to change default port number ?
You can simply change the default port numbers (normal and secure ports) of your kloxo control panel from the control panel itself. Do follow the below pasted steps for changing the port value via Kloxo.

Step 1: Login to your control panel by using default method. (Above mentioned method)
Step 2: Then go to “admin home -> advanced -> port configuration -> change port value -> Update” for changing port value.

See the image for more details:

That’s it. 🙂

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