How to forward cPanel default email address?

Yeah, is there any options? I can’t do this from the cPanel.

The default email address looks like “[email protected]” You can access directly this from the cPanel. If you really want to create an email forwarder for this email account, there are no direct options to do this from the cPanel. But it’s possible!! And you can simply manage this from the shell or the file manager. You can do this by creating .forward file under the user’s home directory.

You can create this from the file manager or from the shell if you’ve the shell access. In this post I’m explaining the steps to do it simply. This tutorial will help you to manage this painlessly 🙂

Step 1 : Accessing cPanel.

Access the control panel from your favorite web browser. Please use 2083 or 2082 port along with your domain or host-name to access the cPanel.

Step 2 : Access file manager / move to home directory (/home/username)

Step 3 : Create a file .forward under the home directory.

Step 4 : Change the file ownership to “user.mail”

# chown username.mail .forward

Step 5 : Open the file and add the following entry.

\username, [email protected]

Here “\username” :: is the cPanel username, this entry will leave a copy of the email to the default email address. If you want to forward the email to a remote address without a copy, add the second part (email address) only, that means the email address only, [email protected].


Step 6 : Save and close the file.

That’s it dude!! 🙂 Now send a test email to the default email address and check the remote email you added on the .forward file you added on the home directory, /home/username. If the email is not there, please let me know. I’ll happy to assist you further. Thanks!!

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