5 Reasons Why You Should Use WooCommerce

With rapid increase in the number of e-commerce platforms, users often get confused which ecommerce platform is suitable for them to set up their online store. If you explore the ecommerce industry you’ll find many ecommerce platforms like Shopify, WooCommerce, Bigcommerce, Magento and many more. 

Among all of these ecommerce platforms, the most popular one among the WordPress users is WooCommerce. It’s the most commonly used advanced and extensive WordPress plugin that facilitates users to set up an online store without any hassle. 

Interestingly, WooCommerce is the most popularly used plugin with almost 5 million active installations. That’s insane!

According to BuiltWith, a total of 3,876,748 Online Stores use WooCommerce plugin in the year 2020. It powers over 68,000 most popular websites across the globe as well. 

WooCommerce plugin current market share is 26%. The number of shares is pretty impressive if compared to other ecommerce platforms.

Adding more to it, 1,300 WooCommerce themes are available on ThemeForest and 1,032 WooCommerce themes alone are available in WordPress themes directory.

It is impossible to tell the exact number of WooCommerce plugins available in the marketplace. We were astounded to discover there are more than 980 plugins for your WooCommerce store in WordPress plugins directory alone.

After going through the stats you must now be able to discern why WooCommerce is one of the most popular ecommerce platforms used by most of the online marketers. 

If you’re still not convinced and you’re confused whether you should build your online store on this ecommerce platform then relax. 

Unlike other ecommerce platforms like Shopify or Magento who’re doing a decent business in the marketplace, WooCommerce is doing a thriving and booming business. 

We’ll walk you through 5 compelling reasons why you should use WoCommerce. So sit back, relax and keep reading.

Five Gripping Reasons Why You Should Use WooCommerce

1.Based on the most powerful CMS Platform-WordPress

WordPress is popularly known among users for its customizability and flexibility. Since WooCommerce has laid its foundation this stable and secure CMS platform it naturally inherits ample of astounding features of it.

Building a website is just like making a piece of art but this task alone is pretty intimidating. WordPress advanced flexibility feature makes it painless and unchallenging for newbies. 

This highly-customized platform is an ideal option for users to build and design their online store according to their own convenience. 

Unlimited number of themes and plugins are available to add some sparkles and give oomph to your online marketplace.

Adding more to that, the wide-spread unparalleled support is offered to the users. Since a lot of things can go wrong, WordPress provides direct assistance to its users. Moreover, it is one of the most secure CMS platforms which is ideal for online marketers. 

Thousands of distinctive and captivating themes are available in the WordPress themes directory. Whether you own a cryptocurrency business or shoe store, WordPress has Themes for everyone that gives it a more personalized touch. 

When entrepreneurs are starting a business from scratch they don’t have enough resources. Building a distinctive and functional website can easily break their budget. For such newbies, we suggest they build their website on WordPress because of its cost-effectiveness. 

2.StoreFront Designing and Customization

The StoreFront of your online store especially plays a significant role in capturing visitors’ attention. Your storefront speaks for your brand. 

Thinking from a buyer’s perspective for instance if you visit an online store to purchase shirts but at first glance the storefront looks dull, wearisome and frumpish in such a scenario you will directly close the site tab. 

This is pretty understandable since nobody likes spending their capital on something this much tedious and unattractive. If the storefronts look so unappealing then the quality of the products or services the store is offering won’t be up to the mark..

This is the general perception made by customers. It cannot be 100% accurate but in most of the cases this happens.

To decrease the bounce rate massively, it’s essential to build an enticing storefront that can generate leads and convert them into sales.

Since woocommerce is based on the most personalized CMS platform WordPress, it gives you ample freedom to customize your store. You can easily make alterations in the themes according to your requirements. 

In the WordPress themes directory there are ample of free and premium themes available with distinctive and optimal features to facilitate users. 

Designing and layout of your store plays an essential role in sale conversions. You can customize and personalize your WooCommerce store according to your visitors’ expectations. 

3. Simple and Easy to use

Looking from a beginner’s lens, WooCommerce is certainly the most easy and beginner-friendly ecommerce platform to start your business. It’s a firm pedestal to build your business from scratch. It’s a firm way to cut-off additional expenditure and take fullest advantage of startling features to build an online store.

Keeping the record of your ecommerce store can be strenuous. WooCommerce advanced features allow merchants to obtain detailed insights and reports. From the WordPress dashboard you can get a hold of the status of your ecommerce store’s performance easily. 

Building a website on WooCommerce is as easy as uploading posts on Instagram. 

          4.Easy User Roles Management

Managing shoppers and users together can be trouble-some. WooCommerce facilitates in creating different user roles for different purposes with the help of user role management tools. You can assign different roles to people according to their designation. 

You can customize user-roles as well according to your business needs. There are plugins available for easy and advanced user roles management which you can activate on your WooCommerce.

5. Extensive User-Based Community

After going through the statistics we’ve discussed above in the article you must know how commonly WooCommerce is used by online merchants. Once you decide to build your ecommerce store on this platform you must know that you’ll become part of the large user community of WordPress.

Even if WordPress is easy to use, many things can go wrong because nothing is perfect. If you get stuck somewhere and you’ve tried everything to fix the issue yourself but still you are not able to find a suitable solution then you can seek help from the WordPress community.

There are many chances that the issue you’re facing is already addressed by someone else and you can get optimal solutions. If you can’t find a pre-existing solution then you can contact WordPress developers for additional support. 

Essential Takeaways

Above discussed reasons are a few compelling reasons why you should use WooCommerce. If you wish to dive into the oceans of reasons you’ll be astounded you explore how beguiling WooCommerce is.

Some make sure to go through the above reasons thoroughly and then decide whether you should build your ecommerce store on WooCommerce or not.

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