Some Essential Things that Your SEO Tools Won’t Help You With

In this highly digitalized era, everyone is dependent on specific tools for doing their jobs as SEO specialists. We generally opt for tools that are time-saving and provide truly valuable insights. It is quite clear that driving any impressive amount of web traffic could be an overwhelming task but many tools help you in your quest for SEO success. As per , the fact that SEO tools are beneficial for SEO is nothing path-breaking. Most marketers firmly believe that knowledge certainly is power.Moreover, your SEO knowledge is dependent on data that you could access. SEO knowledge would be sound if you have robust data.

When you have easy access to reliable, accurate, and easy-to-use SEO tools, you could rest assured of making your SEO stratagem stronger and more powerful. You would be getting incredible insights into how well your site is performing and know how well your competitors are faring in their SEO endeavors. You have access to a mix of tools including the tools you have been using and depending on for quite some time now and even those tools that you are currently testing out or the tools that have been launched recently. 

With access to the plethora of tools available and the escalating costs of several top-notch platforms, you would be demanding and expecting more out of the cutting-edge technology you use. However, the issue seems to be that your over-dependence on these tools could be keeping you quite deep in your SEO thought processes and your silos. There are a few specific things that your SEO tools cannot do for you. As such you need to stay well-aware of these and keep pushing so that you could close the gaps. 

Your Specific Goals for Future

Several tools are effective in performing research for analyzing user engagements. You are depending on technology quite early in terms of competitor research, keyword research, or even audit tools for understanding the present status of technical problems on your website.

The broad spectrum of data that is provided in diverse keyword research tools could indicate to you why you should tread with caution here. We know that the popular Google Keyword Planner is supposed to be an essentially paid search tool. Moreover, all other types of keyword research tools seem to be depending on third-party or even on paid search data of the Keyword Planner for getting relevant information.

Remember your interpretation of this valuable data and use of diverse tools is something that is quite often used for setting objectives or goals with clients and stakeholders. Unfortunately, they have no inkling that these are not supposed to be literal numbers and are based primarily on estimation, sampling, rounding, and historical data. 

SEO tools could provide a lot of data but they simply cannot help you in setting goals and targets for brands. None of these could tell you or help you with determining real goals for positioning precisely, driving traffic, and getting conversions. You would have to do your best for determining these depending on available industry data and tools. You would need the professional assistance of the best  Local New York Agency  for perfect solutions.

Accurate Number of Sales & Leads You Would Get

When we are doing research and coming up with projection data in precisely the proposal, as well as, the discovery process, we often tell our clients and make it a point to remind them that the more intense or deeper we go, the estimate could be more off. If you are utilizing one tool for doing keyword research and then you use benchmark data for projecting impressions, traffic, as well as, conversions.  

Everybody needs to justify their endeavors, however, the best approach would be gathering the maximum data you could gather and you must not rely on just a single source. The more variables someone gets, the better it would be for you. It is not that we are against these tools, but experience has taught us to be careful and extra-vigilant as relying on these is not helpful. 

We know that the tools are not always smart enough for making decisions depending on the data. The key to success is to get the maximum data and do not simply depend on a single source. The tools are never smart in comparison to the humans who have the capability of making decisions based on the valuable data you come across. Use that judiciously.

Assurance of Performance

Machine Learning and AI are getting enhanced pretty rapidly. However, at this point, the available SEO tools are not in a position to make a promise or guarantee. Simulations and projections are based on predicted future trends or past trends. Moreover, auditing tools are involved in a site’s programmatic view and depend on technical factors. They would not be taking a holistic approach to content or the broader range of factors that impact search engine rankings. So even though audit tools and some other effective tools provide valuable insights based on that you could make certain predictions but no promises, as far as, performance is concerned.

What Is In Store for You In The Future

The current tools are based on current search engine algorithms. Data seems to be tied to the last year or last 90 days. All these tools are giving you access to the recent past or the present for predicting the trends and drawing conclusions. Ranking factors keep changing.

Machine learning seems to be already there in the Google algorithm. Competitors and rivals in most sectors or industries are consistently involved in SEO optimization, content update, site launches, and are even moving targets. You need to acknowledge the fact that the greatest constant in the SEO landscape is changing so the technology we ultimately use, would be either reacting or adapting or else, gets left behind.  


Nobody would like to consider going back to the initial days of SEO when a tremendous amount of work was performed manually. There are a host of amazing tools for crawling, research, benchmarking, measurement and analysis that helps in saving time, providing valuable insights, and assist efficiently with the stratagem and execution of SEO. Even though you have access to a plethora of great technology, there would be still certain tasks
that the SEO tools would fail to perform. You must seek assistance from professional SEO for responding to the situation and help in filling the gaps by effective interpretation and correlating with greater marketing and business goals for making SEO a grand success.

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