How to Deal with Video Starts and Stops While Watching?

Watching videos on the internet is a lot of fun- talk about comic videos, trending news, and all. The fact is this. Online videos consume a lot of data, but nobody wants to miss out on these contents. And if you’re streaming a video that stops and start, it could make you use more data than usual. 

As if that’s not enough, video starts and stops can be annoying and time-consuming. But here’s the catch. You can buy your way around this. But before I tell you what to do, I’ll give you a couple of reasons why your YouTube keeps pausing

First, your internet connection could come in the way. How’s that? If the speed of your internet connection does not correspond with the speed required by the video, you’d experience stop, play, stop, play, and the process goes on and on like that. 

Fun fact- The speed of your internet connection to watch a video can be disrupted by other programs sharing in the internet connection speed. 

Another underlying cause of stop and start when watching online videos is a busy system. Yes, you heard that. At the moment, if your system is busy with other programs, your video playback is disrupted. 

But there’s something you can do about it. I’ve provided you with some tricks to deal with video starts and stops when watching. Make sure to check them out.

Cut down on the quality

Online videos are available in varying formats, sizes, and videos. So, here’s what you should do. Try streaming the video format with a lower resolution. You’ll get this option available on the gear icon.

The trick is this. The higher the video resolution, the higher the internet speed needed to watch the video smoothly.  See where we’re going with this?

Pause the video

Here’s another way to deal with video starts and stops when watching. Pause the online video and wait for some minutes before you result to play. By now, you’re probably wondering why and how does that work. 

Here’s the thing. When you pause the video, it reduces buffing and lets you watch smoothly. Don’t be in a hurry to resume play on the video after pausing. The ideal time to wait to build up a buffer will take some minutes.

Clear your browser settings

If any of the above-mentioned tricks do not work, don’t panic. We’re not through yet Your web browser can be the issue. 

First, your web browser houses several cached data that can slow down your internet speed. So, here’s what you should do. Clear your browsing history and cookies. It will make your browser faster. 

Stop all programs

As earlier mentioned, if your computer is too busy running other programs, you’ll experience online video starts and stops. 

What you should do is- close all programs and applications. Do not minimize them. It will not solve the problem since they’ll be right there in the background utilizing your system resources.

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