Csf command not found in WHM/cPanel server

CSF – Config server firewall is a firewall configuration tool for WHM/cPanel server. CSF is available as a plugin of WHM by default. In some strange situation you will be face some errors with csf, like “csf command not found”

Error details:
“csf: command not found” while executing command via command line.

[[email protected]]# csf
-bash: csf: command not found
[[email protected]]# csf -e
-bash: csf: command not found


Step 1: At first, check if the CSF is installed or not on the server. If it is installed, most probably due to the absence of ‘perl scripts’ in WHM/cPanel.
Step 2: Take a back up of csf.conf, csf.allow and csf,deny files for our security.
Step 3: Update CSF by executing the following command;

curl -s configserver.com/free/csupdate | perl

The config server firewall shoul be updated after executing the command. Then, try to run the csf command and it must be work properly.
That’s it.. 🙂

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