How to add/create DNS template in kloxo control panel

You must have an idea about this “how to add the DNS template in your server via Kloxo”?, Adding the DNS template is very important and it is the basic step for creating accounts (Re-seller and single) in your server which has Kloxo as control panel. In this section you have to specify the name-server values for the account(Basically the primary account) you want to create. The DNS template will be automatically copied to the DNS of the domains’ which you have created on your server.

How to create DNS template?
Here I am explaining the steps for creating the DNS template with screenshots.

Step 1 : Login to Kloxo control panel, Click here for “How to access kloxo control panel


Step 2 : Click on ‘DNS template’ under Resources.
See the image.



Step 3 : Click “Add DNS template” and fill the “Add DNS template for Admin” section with proper details.
See the image for more details,


Click on the new DNS Template name to edit DNS records like NS, A, CNAME, MX and TXT


That’s it! 🙂 🙂

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