Simple way to configure DirectAdmin Backup

Why DirectAdmin?

DirectAdmin is one of the commonly using web hosting control panels available now. It is an easy to use control panel. DirectAdmin is an extremely efficient control panel that uses the bare minimum of system resources. This makes DirectAdmin ideal for systems ranging from low-end VPS units to heavily-loaded dedicated servers.

DirectAdmin is a completely stand-alone control panel. Administrators are free to upgrade/downgrade services, libraries, etc. without fear of breaking the control panel.

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DirectAdmin Backup Manager

In this article I introduce you a smart way to manage accounts backups in DirectAdmin control panel. In DirectAdmin control panel, you can see the default create and restore backup option. This option creates a tar file on your DirectAdmin server and the items which you want to backup can select before creating the backup file.

This should be a full account backup, including the items which we have selected. You can not restore individual files from that backup file using restore option.

If you want to restore some thing from the backup file which you have created using backup manager, you need to restore it completely. Or need to restore that manually to server.

A complete solution for your DirectAdmin Backup management.

Problems facing with your DirectAdmin backup management? Want to configure / manage account backups simply? Here is the solution.

DirectAdmin Backup Manager
DirectAdmin Backup Manager

DirectAdmin Backup Manager : Where you can manage your DirectAdmin account backup painlessly!!

It’s an awesome plugin developed by ModMaster. By using DirectAdmin Backup Manager plugin, your backup and restore works should be pain less. Everyone can manage this plugin simply.

Features of DirectAdmin Backup Manager plugin

  • Incremental backup process.

This DirectAdmin plugin enables the incremental backup process, meaning the users can backup & restore any file, folder or database item separately.

  • High Security

Using our DirectAdmin plugin helps the hosting providers and customers minimize the effort on keeping their data secure, without compromising the quality of service. Any file, folder or database home folder can be saved as a GZIP tar archive and downloaded for safekeeping.

  • High Speed

As it’s using the incremental option, the backup and restore process should be fast. This way the users gain the ability to back their files up and restore them incrementally, drastically decreasing the maintenance time and potential website downtime.

  • Easy to use

Everyone can do backup and restore process in less effort. Really painless.

  • Low price

This plugin costs a small price. Worth!!

  • 24×7 Support

You will get a great 24/7 support for this product. Contact support(@)

  • Lifetime updates

No extra costs for any updates.

  • 30 Days money back

Try it. You really love it!!

How to configure backup manager?

Configuring DirectAdmin Backup manager plugin is quite simple. Please see the images added below:

DirectAdmin Backup Manager
DirectAdmin Backup Manager
DirectAdmin Backup Manager
DirectAdmin Backup Manager
DirectAdmin Backup Manager
DirectAdmin Backup Manager
DirectAdmin Backup Manager
DirectAdmin Backup Manager

It’s simple to configure backup manager from your DirectAdmin server. See the image below. This is how the user view backups after creating the backups. These are incremental backups. You can restore files / folders individually. So your backup and restoration problem solved 🙂

Video Tutorials

Hey, checkout these videos on how to recover your site in case of any issues happened with your site:

I. DirectAdmin – How to restore hacked site with backup manager

II. DirectAdmin – How to restore broken database with Backup Manager?

How to get DirectAdmin Backup Manager plugin?

You can simply purchase this plugin from ModMaster DirectAdmin Backup Manager. Or contact support(@)

Quite interesting. Try it and improve your DirectAdmin backup management experience.

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4 thoughts on “Simple way to configure DirectAdmin Backup

  1. I’ve been trying to use this plugin for about 5 weeks now and I can safely say that I’m disappointed. The first backup didn’t finish before the trial expired and despite the cron triggering no further backups have been made. Support has gone quiet too.
    The plugin is a good idea, but it’s clearly not suitable for public release yet

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