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Like all, we’re also, always happy to travel. We planned a lot and our bucket list is almost full!! After a long short period we’re set to go!

Aim: Cover India, explore India. After that, the whole World!



1. An adventurous trip to Meesapulimala
2. My Bangalore flight!
3. Hangout at Nandi Hills – A weekend ride.


My Bangalore flight!

Not a technical stuff!! LOL 🙂 Yup! It’s not a technical article guys. As you all like, in my leisure I too LOVE to travel. Travelling is one of the...


An adventurous trip to Meesapulimala

I cannot move forward without sharing my travel experience at Meesapulimala. During my vacations, I always like to travel. This time, we (Sabin Kunjumon, Sreejith, Gokul, Anoop and I) selected “Meesapulimala” as...