Here we discuss about Python programming!

Now-a-days we do not have enough time to waste. We all are busy! And we required some automation tools to reduce the work load and save the time. Python is a good and simple language for this purpose.


  1. Introduction to Python – Say Hello World!
  2. The module subprocess in Python
  3. More about the Python module subprocess and subprocess classes
  4. Sample scripts using Python for Linux SysAdmins – subprocess.Popen
  5. Variables and Types – Python
  6. What is isinstance function in Python?
  7. How to concatenate integer with string variable in Python?
  8. Sequences and Lists – Array concept in Python
  9. More about sequences and Lists – Array concept in Python part 2
  10. How to convert a list to string in python?
  11. A quick comparison – Lists, Tuples and Dictionary in Python!
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