Few months ago, I had faced this error while connecting to Webmin just after completing the installation. I had searched a lot and finally found one solution for this. Here I’m sharing this information for one who are facing this SSL problem with Webmin…

Webmin is one of the most commonly using Web Hosting control panels. This is an open source control panel which works on port 10000. Miniserv is the name of the web server application which handles the Webmin Web application. By default, Miniserv uses SSL for HTTP connections. This default setting cause some warning on the browser while accessing Webmin panel.

Error details

Error - Bad Request This web server is running in SSL mode.


Login to your Webmin control panel and turn off the SSL, it will solve the SSL issue.

Step 1 : Login to Webmin control panel with SSL (https)


Click this URL for port details “Webmin ports”

Step 2 : Click on SSL Encryption under Webmin Configuration.

Refer the image below for more details:


Step 3 : Select the “NO” option and save for “Enable SSL if available?”

Refer this image:


That’s it. Then try to login to your Webmin control panel normally. It will works fine now 🙂

Click here to see how does it possible via command line, How to disable SSL on Webmin

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