Amazing Marketing Trends for Instagram Every Advertiser Should Know

It is almost 9 years since Instagram has been launched but the growth that this social networking platform has seen is undoubtedly exponential. The platform currently has more than 1 billion users, who are active monthly, as stated by . Instagram is currently one of the most attractive platforms for all the brands who are interested in learning Instagram marketing. This can help in forging a better and closer connection with both the present as well as the potential consumers. However, it has been observed that the previous year was not exactly positive for the visual social network. This is why Instagram was responsible for readjusting the guidelines in order to avoid criticisms.

It is crucial that you learn about the amazing trends of Instagram marketing in order to ensure that your brand stays one step ahead in this immensely competitive market. Given below is a list of the trends that you cannot miss considering.

Micro influencers

Influencers are responsible for dominating Instagram but there have been numerous scandals based on fake followers and purchased followers. This is something that has questioned the viability associated with influencer marketing on this platform. However, the good news is that Instagram has taken measures in order to curb both the problems.

Apart from that, influencers also have to signpost the brand sponsored content so that transparency can be improved. Despite all the concerns, video studies have revealed that influencer marketing has not received any negative impacts. The brands are interested in constantly turning to the huge network of micro-influencers. They believe that influencers with a small and niche following can help in forging engagement in comparison to celebrities, who have a huge connection. Therefore, as a brand, it is important that you consider influencer marketing. You can get real followers for Instagram by going through reputed websites.

Instagram Stories

There is no denying the fact that each and every social networking platform is responsible for copying something or the other from the other social networking platforms. Instagram launched Instagram Stories in the year 2016 and this was also an imitation from Snapchat. However, this did not slow down the growth of the visual platform. Rather, this particular
feature is constantly being used by the brands in order to display the behind-the-scene videos and pictures, communicate with the present and potential customers, or provide a sneak peek of a new product coming up. This feature is capable of attracting the attention of the audience because the stories last for only 24 hours.

Augmented reality

Another unique way that the brands are using in order to gain benefits from this visual platform is by making use of amazing filters. Instagram is complete with an inbuilt cameraas well as a selection of filters, which are similar to the stickers. These filters can be not only purchased but also created by the brands.


With a number of brands currently using Instagram, it is going to be difficult for you to grab your position if you do not have enough knowledge about ideal Instagram marketing tactics. Ensure that you are going through the trends that have been mentioned above so that you can follow them for your brand.

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