How to access attached screen after connection dropped?

Yeah! I got this problem last day while accessing one attached screen session after connection dropped. We already have the knowledge in screen command. You will get more details from here, screen command usages and examples. The screen command under the Unix is used to execute some process under or inside a screen. That means you can simply detach from the screen and keep working on that server. You can use screen command, because you don’t want your flakey internet connection to affect whatever you are working on, and sure enough, the connection drops.

Error that I got

[root@vps ~]# screen -r 1310.backup
There is a screen on:
        1310.backup     (Attached)
There is no screen to be resumed matching 1310.backup.

Because that session dropped connection. Here is the solution, there is a switch with the screen command to connect to a dropped session. Please see this;

Switch : D


Here the screen session is “1310.backup“.

# screen -D -r 1310.backup

That’s it!!

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