About CryBit.Com and the Team

Arunlal A

This is my personal blog where I normally talk about my work experience and some other technical discussions.

Disclaimer: The contents or opinions expressed here are my own and do not represent those of my current or past employers.

This blog I started after joining my first company. I wrote 500 plus articles in this blog and I am happy to know those helped a lot for other techs.


I am an Experienced DevOps Engineer. Currently working in Zeta Suite.


I am a B. Tech graduate from Kerala University (2007-11). I graduated in ECE, started the career as a service engineer at ELMeasure Bengaluru. Later moved to the computer field.

Work summary

6, DevOps Engineer at Zeta Suite

5, SRE at NewFold Digital (Formar Endurance International Group)

4, Cloud Engineer at Cloud2Scale

3, Hosting product specialist at Endurance International Group

2, Server Administrator at VIPoint Solutions Pvt Limited

1, Hosting specialist at Veeble Softtech Pvt Ltd

A detailed view is here, https://www.linkedin.com/in/arunlal-a-18037773/

About Crybit.com

You can see the hosting related topics are not uptodate, as I am not in the hosting feild. Please comment out if you see any issues with those articles. Also refer to the official change logs as well.

This blog contains purely web-hosting (Linux & Windows) / DevOps / Cloud Infra management related threads. In this blog CryBit.Com I am sharing some tips for my server admins / DevOps friends. Hope you enjoy it. In addition to that you can see some freelancing articles as well related to technologies, seo etc.

You can find solutions and or suggestions for different web-hosting / DevOps related problems from here.

Sometimes, I spent hours for searching/googling to find a solution. That inspired me to start a website/blog to share tips and tricks, which gives solutions to different Web-hosting problems.

I will be glad, if my write-ups on CryBit can help any admins / DevOps Engineer to find out a solution for his problem!

If the problem you are facing is out of your scope, do not hesitate to contact me. You can create a Job on uPwork and please assign it to me, my uPwork profile.


Heba Habeeb

Heba Habeeb

Heba has a very strong technical background. She writes articles in leasure time. Currently working as DevOps Engineer at Cloud2Scale.

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  1. Hey Buddy.. First time happened to see your Blog man… So happy to see you working the way we all dream… Awesome brother..

  2. im in big problem. some one deleted mysql database. i dont have the backup. is it possible to recover the database? please im very tense

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