About CryBit.Com and the Team

First of all, I would like to introduce myself. I am Arunlal, working as SRE at Endurance International Group (SysArch Team). Managing the Mainsites’s (bigrock, bluehost, hostgator, speedhost, resellerclub, logicboxes etc) infrastructure, the custom Billing platform & the infra for Domain Registry. We use almost all technologies here.

I came to the Linux core field after the 4+ years of service as Linux SysAdmin. My career life started as an Admin at Veeble Softtech Solution then VIPoint Solutions Pvt Ltd and Endurance International Group (Support Team). I am always very enthusiastic and eager to find solutions and create trick and tips for Admins. Imagine a world of SysAdmins without issues, ha ha, can’t believe right?

This blog contains purely web-hosting (Linux & Windows) / DevOps / Cloud Infra management related threads. In this blog CryBit.Com I am sharing some tips for my server admins / DevOps friends. Hope you enjoy it.

You can find solutions and or suggestions for different Web-hosting related problems from here.

Sometimes, I spent hours for searching/googling to find a solution. That inspired me to start a website/blog to share tips and tricks, which gives solutions to different Web-hosting problems.

This website includes basic Linux commands, different control panels like cPanel, Plesk, DirectAdmin, Webmin, Kloxo, Zpanel etc. Hence I would like to say CryBit is purely an Admin’s friend.

Now I’m including DevOps / Cloud infra tips.

I will be glad, if my write-ups on CryBit can help any admins / DevOps Engineer to find out a solution for his problem!

If the problem you are facing is out of your scope, do not hesitate to contact me. You can create a Job on uPwork and please assign it to me, my uPwork profile.


Heba Habeeb

[Technical Team Manager, AcuNett LLC]

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  1. Hey Buddy.. First time happened to see your Blog man… So happy to see you working the way we all dream… Awesome brother..

  2. im in big problem. some one deleted mysql database. i dont have the backup. is it possible to recover the database? please im very tense

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