What is a Smartwatch and What Does a Smartwatch Do?

Lately, there has been a lot of buzz about smartwatches. Now, if you have been paying attention, then you have noticed that more and more people are purchasing smartwatches. However, what does a smartwatch do?

If you have been thinking about buying one of these devices, then this question must have popped up in your mind. In this article, we will take a comprehensive look at what a smartwatch is, what do they do, and do you need one.

What is a Smartwatch?

A smartwatch is your regular wristwatch but with a few technological tweaks. Think of these devices like a smartphone on a wrist. Smartwatches offer incredible features, including apps, touchscreens, and a heart rate monitor.

Think of a smartwatch as a minicomputer that you get to wear on your wrist. You, therefore, get a watch that provides live access to intelligent features and all kinds of information. These devices were created to add more convenience to everyday life.

However, understand that smartwatches are designed differently. Yes, all these wearing gadgets use a similar app-based outlook. You can install Fun games from the Play Store especially for your teens. Selecting the best sports watch for teenagers in 2020 is not a big deal now. These are the watches that are dedicated for teens in terms of style, look, and gaming features. These smartwatches work with and without phones as well. As there are slight differences in the capabilities and features included by the manufacturer.

What Does a Smartwatch Do?

As stated earlier, all smartwatches have a similar app-based approach. Now, although there are differences, there are some basic features that all smartwatches can perform. Below is an extensive look at some of the essential functions of a standard smartwatch.

1. Receive Notifications

A smartphone can display notifications of essential activities and events. These notifications act as an alert system on your wrist. However, note that there are different types of notifications that you can receive on your smartwatch.

When connected to your smartphone, these watches get to mirror all the different notifications on your phone. Other smartwatches also include reports that can only be displayed by them. The Apple smartwatch, for example, consists of a fall sensor that senses movement. This smartwatch will alert the authorities when you fail to respond to the fall notification.

2. Install Apps

Different smartwatches will support other apps depending on their use. For example, hiking and diving smartwatches will include dedicated apps to help you accomplish your purpose. You can also get to install new apps from the Google or Apple Play store.

3. Media Management

Did you know that your smartwatch can help you manage media playback when connected to your smartphone? You get to change tracks and volumes right from your wrist. This is a cool feature when you are a music lover.

4. Fitness tracking

Many smartwatches have a pedometer and heart rate monitor. You can, therefore, keep track of your workout routines. However, fitness enthusiasts are encouraged to use a dedicated fitness band since it offers more functionality.

Should I Purchase a Smartwatch?

Now that you understand what a smartwatch is and what it can do, the next step is figuring out whether you need one. Well, let us first state that everyone can benefit from a smartwatch. Most people tend to think that only tech-savvy individuals can fully take advantage of a smartphone. In my perspective, you will enjoy your smartphone if you want the following:

  • To receive all notifications without having to look at your phone
  • You want a pocket-friendly timepiece with lots of functionality
  • You want a wristwatch that is customizable and can be upgraded


If you have decided to buy a smartwatch, then you can buy the first option you come across. Understand that there are different types of smartwatches that have different functionalities. Start by looking for something that provides all the critical functions that you need.

Secondly, get a smartwatch with the same operating system as your smartwatch. Doing this will get you a more seamless connection and more functionality. You can then consider other factors, including the price, size, and battery life. The most important thing is to find a smartwatch that suits your needs at a pocket-friendly price.

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